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Hood Health 101: Fresh Kicks On, Yet Your Feet Are Kinda Funky?

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“Funky fresh, dressed to impress, ready to party.” Visit for more information Your sneaker game is ridiculous. No one can touch your retros, your foams, etc. Yet your feet stink. And I don’t mean no light funk! I mean that Frito, corn chip funk that burns your nose hair. While the stink alone is […]

Hood Health 101: New Year, New You

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Yes. A new year is right around the corner. Gym membership will jump like crazy during the month of January and you might not be able to get a spot in on your favorite exercise machine. Traditionally though, by February, the gym is a ghost town and it’s business as usual. Here are some simple […]

Hood Health 101: My Neck And My Back…Handling The Body Aches

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Your neck hurts. Your back hurts. You don’t have a job with heavy lifting. Despite the game they try to run on you, it ain’t all due to age. A lot of it comes from unintended stress that is placed on the neck and back due to lifestyle choices. Visit for more information That […]

Hood Health 101: Lil Boosie Should Make You Reconsider Health Insurance

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Insurance is just one of those things. We struggle with justifying with paying monthly for something that we aren’t seeing a monthly return from. Many of us also just struggle with adding another bill to our monthly expenses. You start to think, “Hey I’m a safe driver” or “I ain’t sick right now.” When reality […]

Hood Health 101: “The Pillage” Pill Culture In the U.S.

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In the wake of the continual demonetization of marijuana(despite states opting for its recreational use and advances made in the medical field utilizing it), a true drug crisis has embedded itself in society. Pill abuse is at an all time high. The pills in question are both prescription pills (such as pain relievers) and non-prescription […]

Hood Health 101: “You Lack The Vitamins And Minerals…”

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“You lack the vitamins and minerals, irons and the niacin..” “-OC “Times Up” Visit for more information Many people identify taking vitamins with being old, weight lifting or being deficient in some physical area. Truth is that in this modern world, everybody would benefit from taking a good multivitamin. One of the by-products of […]

Hood Health 101: Sucker Punch The Flu

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It’s that time of year. We switch the lingo up where it becomes brick outside. The hawk is waiting for you around every corner. Every pharmacy is pushing the flu shot like red tops and offering some incentive along with it. Come get your flu shots plus get a bundle of coupons. The flu is […]

Hood Health 101: The Beard

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In high school, I made the decision to rock a beard. it wasn’t a fashion statement; I kept getting damn razor bumps. My face would be all feverish, even if I used Magic Shave. So, I grew my beard. This was before the beard was even big thing nationwide. It was before white hipsters latched […]