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Juelz Santana Should Have More Than 4000 SoundCloud Followers

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I like making the statement that The Diplomats are the latter-day equivalent of the Wu-Tang Clan (which might warrant an article of its own). Not just because of the large the number of members/spin-off groups, but the strongest comparison point between the Wu and Dipset comes from the fandom and cult following that both rap […]

Reebok Question x mita sneakers x BAPE Pictorial & Release Details


[pictures = Ben Berry x Fabian Pacheco] Looking to end 2016 with a bang, Reebok let two of their frequent collaborators come together again on a new pair of Allen Iverson’s first signature sneaker. Visit for more information Not only was this year the 20th anniversary of Allen Iverson being drafted into the NBA, […]

The 10 Best Muhammad Ali References In Hip Hop

muhammad ali versus sonny liston

There are many close parallels that can be drawn between the persona that Muhammad Ali exhibited throughout his life and the general image of a rap superstar. Visit for more information With the tight relationship between Hip Hop and sports, rappers generally have favored boxing since the genre’s inception. So when it comes to […]

10 Of Jay-Z’s Best Remix Verses

hov remix

Jay Z has this habit of taking over a song that he is tapped to contribute a featuring verse on. Visit for more information In pure New York City fashion, Hov jumped on the official ‘All The Way Up’ remix alongside Fat Joe & Remy Ma and had streets, tweets, and everything in between […]

The 10 Best Just Blaze Beats After 2010

just blaze blue

Very much credited for helping craft the revered Roc-a-Fella sound and giving the affiliated artists (JAY Z, Cam’Ron, etc) some of their biggest hits, it’s only natural Just Blaze kinda fell back from Hip Hop production after operating at such a high level for years. But that doesn’t mean Justin Smith wasn’t making music, which […]

Our Five Favorite Most Hostile Interviews With The Breakfast Club


“Respek” is very important in entertainment. And Birdman (unintentionally hilariously) spoke of the notion with the same ferocity the character Marlo Stanfield in The Wire classically said, “My name is my name” with The Breakfast Club morning radio show this past Friday morning [April 22, 2016]. Visit for more information The above incident serves […]