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Gwen Stefani & Eve’s Tour Off To A Shaky Start?

Gwen Stefani  press billboard

Gwen Stefani and Eve’s “This Is What the Truth Feels Like” tour have had rumors swarming after reports of extremely low ticket sales from a few cities and ticket prices began to drop. The signs that sales seemed to be doing poorly became apparent when Live Nation sent an email to its subscribers telling them […]

Why Lil Kim Should Be Applauded For Having Rich Homie Quan’s Back


Seems like Rich Homie Quan is still getting some heat after he forgot the words during his performance of the The Notorius B.I.G.’s  “Get Money” song during Hip Hop Honors. He’s been bashed by Biggie fans as social media has created memes and videos poking fun at the unforgettable performance. Lil Kim sheds some light […]

Atlanta Officer Fired After Killing Unarmed Young Man

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It seems the slaying of young, unarmed individuals is becoming more and more common every day and justice for these indiscretions appears nonexistent. However, it does seem like officers are slowly being held accountable for their actions, as James Burns of the Atlanta police department was recently fired for his acts. Visit for more […]

The Zika Virus Is Real: Signs The Epidemic Is Growing

salud viajero en houston da positivo al virus del zika estados unidos salud brasil

As time progresses we see there’s more to learn about the Zika virus and how critical it is to be aware. Visit for more information There’s a constant worry of the disease spreading in places other than where it is already an endemic. In recent news, the first case of female to male sexual […]

Meek Mill Debuts New Sneakers & Announces A Fresh Direction With His Music

meek mill

Meek Mill recently made news as he dropped his new branded sneakers as well as made an announcement regarding the type of music he’ll be making after his DC4 album. Visit for more information Fashion and music have become more and more intertwined as more artists develop their own sneaker and fashion lines. Meek […]

Rihanna Ties With Drake On RIAA Mid-Year Best Album Sales

rhiannaanti thesource

The rumor mill has been swarming on overload with Rihanna and Drake couple speculations as the two have been spotted on and off the stage, with Rih Rih continuing her Anti World Tour and Drizzy gearing up for his Summer Sixteen tour. Visit for more information Though personal rumors of the duo won’t cease […]

The Growing Fear Of The Spread Of The Zika Virus

salud viajero en houston da positivo al virus del zika estados unidos salud brasil

On Friday, June 8 an undisclosed person reportedly with the Zika virus died in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although the exact cause is still being investigated, the individual had concurrent symptoms of the virus including fever, rash and conjunctivitis. According to USA Today, spokesman Benjamin Haynes of the Center for Disease Control states, “…it’s unclear […]

Amber Rose Takes Over Late Night Television…Is She Here To Stay?

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Amber Rose (also known as “Queen Muva”and founder of the “SlutWalk” movement) has finally arrived to late night television and the Philly-born bombshell isn’t holding any punches. Visit for more information The Amber Rose Show premiered last night [Friday, July 8] on VH1, opening with Amber stating, “Hey, it’s your girl Amber Rose, and this […]