Royce Bannon is a born and bred Harlem artist whose infamous Monsters can be seen pasted on doors and walls throughout the five boroughs. His iconic monsters are recognizable with their emotive eyes and, often, razor sharp teeth. As a member of the street art collective, Endless Love Crew, Royce has participated in various collaborative live paintings, group art shows, and solo art shows throughout New York and the world. On any given day you can find Royce painting monsters, silk-screening t-shirts, spraying stencils, or slapping stickers up on various spots in New York. Royce also curates shows that feature a variety of artists including fine, graffiti, and street.


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Visit for more information American Graffiti and visual-arts collective, URNEWYORK, have raised the bar again. Able by chance to obtain one of the very limited edition, JAY-Z – MAGNA CARTA, hardcopy lyric booklets, SKI and 2ESAE of URNEWYORK have created 20 unique artworks directly onto each of the “lyric” sheets of heavy paper. Advertisement […]

Graffiti Inspired by Gucci Mane Featuring DROID 907


Graffiti artist Droid 907 explains why he’s inspired by Gucci Mane and how his music can be relevant to Graffiti. Visit for more information   Advertisement               What inspires you to do “rollers” based on Gucci Mane? I was inspired from the man’s music and general outrageousness. Its […]

Happy Birthday Biggie Smalls: Top Five Biggie Murals


Visit for more information Today is Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Small’s Birthday and not only has he influenced Hip Hop music he has also influenced Graffiti as well. That being said here are five of my favorite Biggie murals in no specific order. Advertisement

12 Reasons To Die: GhostFace Killah Bringing The Ruckus To Comics

ghostface killah black mask 12 reasons to die bringing the ruckus to comic books video

A short documentary about the creative collaboration behind Ghostface Killah’s 12 Reasons To Die comic book, executive produced by RZA. Visit for more information The video features interviews with Ghostface Killah, co-creators Adrian Younge & CE Garcia (composer & musician of 12 Reasons To Die album, respectively), co-creators Matthew Rosenberg and Patrick Kindlon (writers […]

Indie 184 “Fantasy” Preview

IMG 1314

Graffiti and fine artist Indie 184’s current exhibition “Fantasy” will offer over a dozen new paintings and works on paper.  Each piece represents escapism painted through compositions of collages with raptures of color and textures fused with of her graffiti, imagery, and designs juxtaposed with messages. Indie expresses her energy through the use of mixed media […]

Tilt x Amaze-art “Alix” Furniture Piece

tilt2 960

French graffiti artist Tilt and Amaze-art join forces to come up with this sexy contemporary furniture piece dubbed “Alix”. Alix is a Chesterfield style sofa shaped in Tilt’s signature bubble letters and has been hand finished in France. Tilts couch is a example of art that has form as well as function and will be a part […]

The Yok And Sheryo “Pipe Dreams” Sneak Peek And Inspirations

IMG 0094

Graffiti Artist The Yok and Sheryo discuss the inspirations for their up coming show at the Krause Gallery in NYC Visit for more information “The show was inspired by our recent travels to South East Asia. Where we spent 2 weeks in a pottery village painting pots in Northern Vietnam.We were working in the […]

Milk chocolate Air max 1 by Joost Goudriaan


Dutch Designer Joost Goudriaan thought to himself what would all his sneaker head friends get for their love ones for valentines day? The answer was these sick meticulously designed milk chocolate Air Max 1s. Originally conceived as a series of 10 pairs, goudriaan packaged the chocolate treats with a contract obliging the buyer to eat […]

Marc Jacobs x Krink Markers

marc jacobs x krink

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs and graff artist KR collab on a new line of fashionable Krink markers called Bookmarc. The markers come in various colors not part of the normal Krink color spectrum and various styles. You can pick em up now at The Marc Jacobs website Visit for more information