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Meet The Ladies Behind The Hottest New Party Series, “40z & Waffles”


The exciting (and appetite-inducing) “40z & Waffles” brunch series recently hit the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto, Canada. Although it was the first All-Star Weekend in Canada, the 40z & Waffles event was quick to grab its shine and serve up delicious brunch grub and a variety of cocktails. Despite the artic weather the […]

Most Improved Player With A Twist: Steph Curry Vs. Kawhi Leonard


With the NBA All-Star game approaching in roughly two weeks, it’s time to start evaluating the league’s best and the awards that they will receive. Most notably, considerations for high honors will likely come from the teams who currently hold the best records: the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs. Right now, it’s […]

Are “Fight Clubs” A Way To Cure Street Violence?


“Father killed on porch while waiting for son,” “75-year old woman mugged after returning from supermarket,” and “Teen shot and killed as a form of gang retaliation” are common themes that emblazon headlines on a daily basis. The more we see them, the more society becomes desensitized to them. And the more society becomes desensitized […]

Know The Ledge: Music Publishing 101

Music Publishing

You’ve written your song, want it to be blasted worldwide, and you’re ready for the money to start rolling in. Outside of doing shows, touring and the music “hustle,” how does a musician maximize their earning potential? Queue the entry and importance of music publishing. PUBLISHING OVERVIEW Publishing is the commercial exploitation (i.e. to receive […]

Why Dallas Should Be On Your Texas Travel List


Step off the jet in this city and amidst cowboy hats and leather boots, the sea of silver and blue that emblazons “Dallas Cowboys Football” is immediate. Stars begin to surface everywhere to represent “America’s Team.” From towels to mugs and even baby bibs, there are so many stars you’d think your lights just got […]

Bitcoins: The Digital Currency Of The Future?


Bitcoins? The idea of the newly developed digital currency still confuses many and can make even some of the smartest people dizzy at the thought. Created in 2009, the digital currency is gaining fans as it eliminates the “middle man,” also known as the banking industry. This means users of the currency do not incur […]

Defamation and Social Media 101


All it takes nowadays is one click of a button, and bam! You’re slapped with a lawsuit. The digital climate today has empowered people and entities to share information at the speed of light, whether true or false. With social media serving as one of the primary avenues to voice an opinion, and an abundance […]

Stop Snitching: On Yourself!


In light of recent efforts to eliminate threats of terrorism, and in the war against senseless gun violence, law enforcement authorities are sitting back and waiting for people to tell on themselves or allowing the general public to bring threatening posts to their attention. Either way, the offending parties can only point the finger at […]

ISIS and Its Reign of Terror

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ISIS, there are so many questions. “Who are they?”, “What’s their background?”, “what’s their problem?” are likely some common questions that arise for many people when they hear of the Islamist militant group’s activity on CNN, MSNBC, or your local news outlet. But in light of them recently claiming responsibility for the San Bernardino shootings […]

Travel: The H


Ahhhhhh, The H.  The home of candy paint, gold grills, and the well recognized screwed and chopped music sound.  By giving birth to Beyonce, Bun B, Michael Strahan, the late Patrick Swayze, and a host of other athletes and entertainers, Houston is firmly established as a talent hotbed.  On the other hand, with such a […]

Golden Gems of the 2014 NBA Summer League

NBA Summer League Recap LOGO

With the 2014 NBA Summer League in the rearview mirror, the cream of the crop has shown flashes of greatness and has given a glimpse of what the league will soon look like.  Yes, we all know about Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and other attention grabbing talent, as well as veterans that came through the […]

Josh Gordon: The NFL’s New Problem Child


“Dear Lord, please provide me with the opportunity that Josh Gordon has: To make millions of dollars, support my family, live a lavish life, and be an NFL All-Pro.  I promise that I will be a positive influence to those around me and my community, and to use the talent you gave me to satisfy […]

Basketball Is Everything, Then Again It Isn’t: Using Hoops As A Tool For The Future


Educator, Community Leader, Philanthropist, and Humanitarian.  Hmmm.  Sounds like Bill Gates right?  Try again.  This must be Oprah?  Well only if who I’m talking about was actually a woman.  Despite the above-mentioned titles normally being associated with household names, CEO’s of major corporations, and global icons, quite frankly, there are people who are making a splash in the world without much noise […]