The Source Salutes: Tracee Ellis Ross


Trace Ellis Ross took the stage as a leader and role model, and less as an actress, when she received honors Wednesday at the NAACP Image Awards. Visit for more information The daughter of black music royalty, Tracee Eliss Ross, is mostly known for her role in Girlfriends, where she starred from 2000 to 2008;  however, on Friday, when honored […]

Pay Respect: Watch Fab 5 Freddy And Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Interview


Visit for more information Watch as participants including Fab 5 Freddy and Jean-Michel Basquiat discuss their intentions behind works of art In 1981, during an era that would create the foundations to art and Hip Hop culture today, the “Fun Gallery” quickly became the epicenter for artists in NY’s Lower East Side (LES). Staples in the graffiti community made their way from local known […]

Listen To Troy Ave’s “Monster (KEYmix)”

troy ave my grind video

Troy Ave returns with a remix of Meek Mill‘s Monster Visit for more information Troy Ave announces the release of his upcoming album, and he is not waiting for any opportunities to come to him. Check out the audio of Troy Ave‘s version (KEYmix) of Meek Mill‘s “Monster”, and stay tuned for the release […]

Picasso’s Granddaughter to Sell Artist’s Work for Philanthropy

Pablo Picasso

Ms. Picasso said that she had no photos of herself with her grandfather and had none of his works until she received her inheritance. Visit for more information Her father, Paulo, was the son of Picasso and his first wife, Olga Khokhlova, a Russian ballerina. As Marina Picasso attempts to move on from bitter memories […]

What Can We Learn About Our Dreams From An Architect?

daniel libeskind zhang zhidong modern industrial museum park china designboom

Visit for more information “Do you believe in the future?  That place of complete ecstasy, where worlds thrive off of ideas bred by minds who dared to dream,” asked architect and TED guest speaker, Daniel Libeskind. In this inspirational TED Talk, titled “17 words of Architectural Inspiration,” Daniel Libeskind shares the parallel between emotion, […]

Five Songs That Made Us Love Frank Ocean

tumblr njznnwQruzdqo

Visit for more information Where IS that Frank Ocean album? Welcome to 2015. Another year and go-around without a Frank Ocean album. The Louisiana-bred crooner and Def Jam artist, though quiet, has released bits of his talent via his Tumblr page, leaving fans with nothing else but a few good songs to piece together what is going on in […]

Another New Gucci Mane Track Hits the Net; This One Featuring Young Thug, Called “Down On That”

down on that Visit for more information While Gucci Man’s Brick Factory 3 is on hold for the time being, he makes up for the delay with his latest release, a Cassius Jay produced track featuring Young Thug.   The head bobbing Gucci track comes from the slew of releases he’s still been dropping, despite the fact he’s still serving time behind […]

Jim Morrison Predicts The Current State Of Music Forty Years Ago


Welcome to the 27 club, a place for disturbed, young geniuses to leave their mark. Visit for more information A  membership to the “27 club” demands talent with unlimited potential, but unfortunately, it also means being put to bed at the ripe age of 27, often due to lifestyles entrenched in drug and alcohol abuse, or violent ends, […]

NYC Scrambles To Bounce Back From Nonexistent Storm

It was an unexpected step for what turned out to be a common winter storm.   Visit for more information For the first time in the Subways 110 year existence, the subway was closed down because of weather complications; and when NYC Governor, Andrew Cuomo, made the announcement, Monday–demanding the system be shut down–many transit workers, and […]

Riff Raff, The Neon Icon, Goes On… A Diet

riff raff Visit for more information   Rapper Riff Raff is on tour—and is set on fueling his body the right way. Advertisement   After a series of dietary mishaps, Riff Raff decided it was time to make a change. With great hopes of becoming 240 pounds of pure muscle follow The Neon Icon as he takes you into his […]

Casey Veggies Visits Real Late with Peter Rosenberg!

casey veggies

Visit for more information     Advertisement   While in New York last week, Casey Veggies took time and  appeared on Real Late With Rosenberg on Hot 97. He discussed his dad as Nas’s body guard, them calling him “the boy,” forthcoming projects, Jay Z, and commercial appeal.

10 Interesting #FACTS on MLK

mlk jr

Martin Luther King Jr. from Atlanta, Georgia was many things. He was a Doctor; a prophet; he was a Christian; a Pastor;  Civil Rights leader; a son; a father; a husband; and more importantly, he is the reason that people of color, can at least, spend their money in the same building as people of other races here […]

A Review: Jersey City Fashion Week


“Style with Significance.  Fashion for the Greater Good on the right side of the Hudson.” Visit for more information There is a roar in New-Jersey’s art community after last week’s  Jersey City Fashion week that has draped the town with a possibility of change, having everyone from local non profits to major sponsors coming […]

#Source360: Hip-Hop Inspiration


 There are few voices that can truly inspire. Individuals who understand, acknowledge, and embrace what it takes to get to the next phase of a stagnant mentality or position; where forces of energies are tucked behind words powerful enough to get the people’s feet moving. On Friday, September 19th, Roulette will feature artists who have proven to carry messages that were […]

(Op-Ed) The Role of The Poet Throughout History


On September 19th-21st, The Source360 will showcase some of today’s prominent and brave Poets to represent the generation. Visit for more information Every generation has few courageous voices who’s words express the incomprehensible that many feel but cannot define; the climate that sweeps a nation or group of people that many come in contact with, but cannot describe. […]

World Premiere: Watch So So Def Artist Royce Rizzy’s Music Video “YFFN”

Visit for more information A cool Royce Rizzy delivers exclusively to The Source visuals for “Young Fly Fat N*gga”off his Determination EP releasing September 1st. The So So Def artist has high hopes coming out of Jermaine Dupri‘s pantheon of discovered talent as he releases his second visual for the body of work.   […]