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The Source Exclusive Interview With Hollow Da Don


Visit for more information At the end of this Sunday’s battle- the battle that people are calling “the biggest rap battle of all time,” people were chanting one word, “Hollow.”   Advertisement The majority of fans and spectators didn’t think Loaded Lux could be beat. “You never know what he’s going to say” was […]

Straight from Toronto, Full Coverage on KOTD’s Blackout 4

  Visit for more information   Advertisement Fans and critics might be quick to point out the perceived failings of what was set to be the largest battle rap event of all time. Whether you thought it was UW’s High Stakes featuring Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don, or King of the Dot’s Blackout […]

Our Top 10 Best Rap Battles Of 2013

Screen Shot 2013 12 18 at 10.20.26 AM

Visit for more information It’s been a big year for battle rap with an exponentially greater number of eyes on the competitive art than in years past.  In 2013 battle rappers made appearances on TV with Conceited as a cast member in Nick Cannon’s Wildin’ Out and URL’s re-vamp of Freestyle Friday on BET. […]

The Soundtrack Series Goes Hip-Hop This Thursday

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Visit for more information The Soundtrack Series is a monthly reading series and podcast in New York City that has gained national popularity via it’s animated, emotional and often hilarious true-life stories about music.  Similar to the popular MOTH series, The Soundtrack Series features personal storytelling performances with each story centered around a particular […]

Tracking Down the Sound Clips from Action Bronson’s ‘Blue Chips 2’

Action Bronson Blue Chips 2

Blue Chips 2, the heavily anticipated follow-up to Action Bronson‘s critically acclaimed 2012 mixtape dropped earlier this month to high praise. The mixtape’s release also heightened anticipation for the  Queens’ rapper’s forthcoming major label debut LP. Visit for more information Blue Chips 2 is a modern tribute to the cannon of East Coast Hip-Hop–light […]

Is Bigg K vs Illmaculate 2013’s Best Battle?

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Visit for more information On Twitter, Facebook groups, RMBVA, OTBVA and pretty much anywhere on the internet where people discuss battle rap, today’s discussion topic is the clash between battle vet Illmaculate and street spitter Bigg K.  This is the second battle KOTDFC has released from Battle of the Bay 6, but as soon […]

Has Battle Rap Turned Its Back On Dizaster?

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King of the Dot is still only less than halfway through releasing their battles from this Summer’s World Domination 4 event, and they’ve already dropped the first battle from the more recent Battle of the Bay 6.  Many are calling BotB6 this year’s best battle rap event. Bigg K vs. Illmaculate has already been dubbed […]

Prodigy of Mobb Deep Reads From His Book “H.N.I.C.”

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If you listened to hip hop during the 90’s with any regularity, you’re probably familiar with Mobb Deep.  They were an interesting outlier in the hip hop world. Made up of Prodigy and Havoc, they were a team of story tellers that detailed the blood and grit of the street world instead of espousing the […]

Rap Grid Drops Jaz The Rapper’s Behind The Battles

jazzy1 has become a one-stop-shop for the battle world and beginning with their recent documentary about Hollow Da Don, they’ve grown into a veritable battle rap network. The Behind the Battles series is like a battle rap take on VH1’s Behind the Music featuring some of the best moments from the featured rapper’s battles as […]

The Queen Bee’s of Battle Rap Face Off (Matchup Announcement)


Visit for more information Young Gattas isn’t just the OG female in battle rap, she continues to prove she’s the best on the scene.  Gattas could sit back on her laurels and adopt legend status, taking only the occasional match, if any at all, but instead she continues to face off against whoever folks […]

KOTD Drops WD 4’s Best Battle?

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As the hype over this weekends Battle of the Bay 6 continues, the lion’s share of videos from KOTD’s World Domination 4 event have yet to be released. Today, on King of the Dot’s YouTube channel, they released what many called the best battle of the event- the clash between PA MC, Real Deal and […]

The World Reacts To Battle of the Bay 6

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The highly anticipated 6th installment of the infamous Battle of the Bay event was held this weekend and the internet hasn’t stopped jabbering about it since. What separates Battle of the Bay from other KOTD (and once Grindtime) events is that it’s thematically supposed to be a “style clash” event.  The divide in battling, be […]

Watch “You Can” by Loaded Lux Feat. Jadakiss and Fred the Godson

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All is well in the world of Loaded Lux in the beginning of his new video. Friends are sitting at the bar drinking Henny. It’s the daytime and Loaded is chillin’ with his friends Fred the Godson and Rob Stapleton in the Harlem version of Cheers.  It appears that Loaded Lux is Sam the bartender. […]

The War Report For The Week of 9/30/2013

So many great battles dropped this week that we could list far more than 5 great moments. Each week it seems like battle rap is eeking closer and closer to prosperity. Papoose said battle rap has the best spitters in the game. Drake gave props to Hollow Da Don in an interview with Ryan Seacrest […]

The Most Referenced T.V. Gangstas In Hip-Hop


Two drama’s that marked what many people call The New Golden-Age of Television have just reached a close: Dexter and Breaking Bad.  Hip-Hop’s relationship with show business has always been tight-knit. From Bishop in Juice, to Tony Montana in Scarface all the way to Ivan Drago from Rocky, movie references have always been ever-present in […]

Battle Rap’s Top 5 Dark Horses

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Visit for more information With the exception of sites like VerseTracker and RapGrid there’s no battle rap brackets or standings. However, if asked most people who follow the culture could throw together a quick mock up of who the top dogs are.  However Top Tier battle rappers like Conceited and Hitman Holla have recently […]

The War Report For The Week Of 9/23/13

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Do you smell that?  It’s the putrid yet appealing scent of dirty laundry when it first hits the air.  In battle rap you tend to get used to it, because in a world where insult is the lynchpin of success, dirty laundry finds it’s way out of the hamper frequently. This week, the smell can […]

The War Report For The Week Of 9/16/13


The battle rap world has been on fire this week in the wake of the Battle Rap’s biggest events.  Battles Videos are dropping from World Domination 4 and Summer Madness 3, rumors and beefs are flying, and the internet is arguing.  Here’s the five biggest battle moments on the week, including the biggest battle videos […]