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Tinder Is Testing A New “Matchmaking” Feature

tinder dating site

Sharing is caring, and with the new share button being tested on Tinder, you can be a virtual “wing man” of sorts by sharing potential matches from the dating app with your friends. Visit for more information No longer will you have to resort to screenshots or time consuming swipe searches to pass on […]

Chief Keef Shares Emotional Moment With Fan

Chief Keef

There’s never a shortage of rappers making news. Visit for more information Unfortunately, the majority of coverage garnering attention nowadays is cherry-picked and sensationalized, leaving the more positive actions and messages by artists like Chief Keef rarely acknowledged, much less celebrated. However, those are the moments, like in this video of a Keef fan meeting […]

Need To See Powerful Images That Transcend Politics? Look At #ObamaAndKids


In recognition of Black History Month, and in celebration of our country’s first Black president, Michael Skolnik—entrepreneur, activist and storyteller—started a simple hashtag #ObamaAndKids Visit for more information However, the response from the Twitter community has been anything but simple. Timelines continue to be flooded with heart warming photos of President Obama in candid […]

The “Follower” App Provides You With Your Very Own Stalker


While stalking people in real life would normally result in a restraining order or a trip to the hospital, there’s a company today offering it as a service for you. Visit for more information Yes, you read that right. If getting likes on your latest selfie isn’t doing it for you anymore, you can […]

A Spotlight On Six Young Black Entrepreneurs Making Their Mark

Young Black Entrepreneurs

To celebrate Black History Month, we recognize not only the achievements by African Americans from America’s past, but also its future. Visit for more information Meet six young, Black entrepreneurs who are already making their mark in the world before even being old enough to drive. Advertisement Moziah Bridges Unsatisfied with the limited bow […]

[Listen] Sy Ari Da Kid Teams Up With Bryson Tiller For “Priorities”

SyAriDaKid Priorties

With so many artists coming out of Atlanta, it’s easy to get lost in the sauce. If there’s one artist who doesn’t have that problem it’s Sy Ari Da Kid. Visit for more information Over the past year, Sy Ari has hustled his way into becoming one of the top new artists out of […]

This Isn’t Your Average Valentine Gift List (But It’s Lit For The Munchies)


When searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for bae, you can go traditional like chocolate or jewelry or if you’re looking for something a little different, here are a few outside-the-box gift ideas that are sure to impress. Doritos Roses Who doesn’t love Doritos? This is a prime opportunity to show off your artsy […]

Celebrating Black History: Black Inventions We Use Everyday


In celebration of Black History Month, it’s important to acknowledge and remember the innovative contributions made by African Americans. Here are a number of Black inventors whose ingenuity created something that still, even hundreds of years later, we use in our everyday lives. Visit for more information Garrett A. Morgan: Three-Position Traffic Light Imagine […]

[Watch] Burger King Uses Snoop Dogg In Hot Dog Training

Snoop Dogg Burger King

Burger King, known for their flame grilled burgers, announced today [February 10, 2016] they are adding hot dogs to the menu calling them the “Whopper Of Hot Dogs.” Visit for more information BK adding hot dogs to their menu hardly warrants your attention, but who they feature in their hot dog employee training videos […]

[Listen] Smoke DZA Enlists Snoop Dogg For New Single, “Morals”

dza he has risen

You might go and revisit your 9os Hip Hop favorites after hearing Smoke DZA’s newest release “Morals,” a collaboration with producer Harry Fraud. Visit for more information From the duo’s upcoming album He Has Risen, the single features Snoop Dogg who aids in solidifying the overall nostalgic sound, while assisting DZA in calling out the […]

Support Naughty By Nature’s 25th Anniversary Album Kickstarter

Naughty By Nature

Hoping to raise $100,000 to fund their 25th anniversary album, Naughty By Nature has started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Visit for more information According to their profile, the Hip Hop trio are asking for monetary support because it would allow them complete creative control over the album. The trio explained, “We’re crowdfunding to […]

New App Helps Consumers Support Black Owned Business

purchase black app

According to the National Black Chamber of Commerce, the 2.1 million Black owned businesses in America generate an annual revenue of over $138 billion. Visit for more information That number alone might sound impressive, however, compare it with the roughly $30.0 trillion in revenue that businesses in America achieve yearly, and it starts telling […]

DJ Khaled “Ipsum Text Generator” Offers Major Keys To Designers


There’s a DJ Khaled “Ipsum” text generator, and it’s just as magnificently random as you would expect. Visit for more information Lorem ipsum is just a fancy Latin way of saying filler text. It’s something designers use to gauge how a layout will look (think magazine spread) before the real text is available for […]

[Listen] New Tory Lanez Single “LA Confidential” Co-Written By Miguel

Tory Lanez

Last night [Thursday, January 28] Toronto crooner Tory Lanez made his television debut performing his hit single “Say It” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Visit for more information As if performing on late night television wasn’t big enough, he also brought together members of the 90s R&B act Brownstone who haven’t performed together in 20 years […]

Too Far? Airbnb Now Offers “Netflix and Chill” Room Rental


For those looking to take “Netflix and Chill” to the next level, this Airbnb apartment in New York City has you covered. Visit for more information Starting with the original Netflix and chill bed lined with surround sound speakers, down to the mini bar stocked with a broad array of alcoholic options such as […]

Chelsea Handler’s New App Offers Escape From Awkward Situations

chelsea handler phone

Imagine the horror of showing up to a blind date only to be catfished, or cornered at a work function? Visit for more information Traditionally you would rely on your friends, banking that they come through with that emergency call or text, aiding in your somewhat guilt-free getaway. However, let’s be honest. It has […]

“Power Rangers Samurai” Charged With Murder [Ironically] Using The Sword

POWER RANGERS Ricardo Medina Jr Arrested For Deadly Sword Action

Ricardo Medina Jr., the actor who played Deker, the red Power Ranger in Power Rangers Samurai, has been arrested and charged with murder after killing his roommate with a Samurai sword (cue Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic”). Visit for more information The “Power Ranger” turned stripper was first arrested a year ago for the stabbing, claiming […]

[Watch] Isaiah Rashad’s New Buzz Track, “Smile”

Zay Smile

We’ve been oh so patiently awaiting new music from TDE’s Isaiah Rashad. Visit for more information Since Cilvia Demo, Rashad has stayed relatively low key. Yesterday [Thursday, January 14] he out-of-the-blue drops a new single, “Smile.” Why did the release seem so sudden? Because it was. Turns out iTunes accidentally leaked “Smile,” which was […]

#AskPotus: The Questions President Obama Answered, And Some We Wish He Had


President Barack Obama jumped on Twitter to hold his #AskPOTUS question-and-answer session today (Thursday, January 14) at McKinley High School in Baton Rouge to ask what we (the American people) can accomplish this year and beyond. Visit for more information Giving the public a rare opportunity to ask the President anything, as you can […]

Sexual Assault Accuser Chloe Goins Releases Bill Cosby Rap Diss Track

chloegoins studio

Chloe Goins, who we reported last week had her sexual assault charges against Bill Cosby rejected by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, has found another way to vent her anger and frustration: she recorded a diss track. Visit for more information The former dancer and alleged sexual assault victim has decided to launch […]