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Judge Grants Kanye West A Clean Record


We know Kanye West had been hoping to get a fresh start on that criminal record, and it looks like he’s finally got it. Visit for more information He got in some trouble for beating up paparazzi at LAX a couple years back, and pled no contest to the charges in 2014. Kanye has […]

Kevin Hart Takes A Tumble On The Last Stop Of His World Tour

kevin hart  what now tour

Kevin Hart provided a memorable closing for audiences at the last show of his “What Now” tour in Honolulu on Saturday night [April 30]. Visit for more information The comedian gave an emotional speech to end what he called an “amazing tour,” but any seriousness was cut short by a nasty (and totally funny) […]

Do Tyga And Blac Chyna Have A Sextape?

tyga and blac chyna

We can always count on the Tyga/Blac Chyna/Kardashian crew to keep things exciting. This time it’s rumors of an alleged sex tape. Visit for more information Will there be a new sex tape celeb in the Kardashian family? Sounds like it. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are engaged, but as everyone knows, she was […]

George Lopez Has Reportedly Given Prince’s Siblings $20K

lopezn  web

George Lopez has allegedly come to Prince’s family’s rescue in the wake of his unexpected death. Visit for more information George and the musical legend were reportedly good friends for many years and when Lopez heard assets from the late performer’s estate were being frozen until sorted out by a judge, he stepped up […]

Hillary Clinton And Her Employees Just Can’t Get Enough Hot Sauce

After a visit to The Breakfast Club morning radio show on April 15, Hillary Clinton made headlines everywhere for a quick and interesting soundbite. She revealed in her interview the one thing she always keeps in her purse is hot sauce, and while it was humorous and quirky, many people weren’t buying it. Visit […]

Major Key Alert: Is DJ Khaled Going To Be A Father?

Major Key Alert: Is DJ Khaled Going To Be A Father?

America’s chosen Snapchat king DJ Khaled has some big news. According to TMZ, he’s expecting a child! Visit for more information Khaled’s fianceé Nicole isn’t a huge part of his social media presence, but dedicated fans know she’s around. Nicole and Khaled have been together for a while now and sources claim the baby […]

Donald Trump Opens Rally With Words Of Support For Tom Brady

tom brady donald trump

The Donald opened up a rally today [Monday, April 25] in Rhode Island showing support for Tom Brady amid the Patriots QB’s recent “Deflategate” suspension reinstatement: “Leave Tom Brady alone!” Visit for more information Trump and Brady have shown ongoing support for one another over the years, with Trump speaking out during initial “Deflategate” happenings […]

Prince Turned Down Working With The Game Due To His Cussing

The Game made a surprising confession after taking some time to cop a little purple apparel for Prince-celebrating festivities. Visit for more information Reporters caught up with him in a Beverly Hills parking lot and asked about his experience with Prince. He revealed that the two had met and were actually planning on doing […]

Former Patriots Defensive End Ron Brace Dead At 29

ron brace

Tragedy has struck the New England Patriots as former defensive end Ron Brace has died at the age of 29. Visit for more information Brace played for Boston College before being drafted into the NFL in 2009 and played for the team 39 times over four seasons before being released. Brace died at his home […]

Jared Fogle Scores $184K From Former Employee (And Fellow Pedophile)

FEB  image a

Jared Fogle is scoring big from behind bars. Visit for more information Fogle sued his former employee, and fellow pedophile, Russell Taylor over a $191,000 loan he gave Taylor in 2014. The loan was intended to help Taylor purchase a home, but he stopped making his monthly payments to Fogle in May 2015. Taylor […]

T.I. Is Allowed To Vote And He’s Feeling The Bern


So even though T.I. is a known convicted felon, apparently he’s still allowed to vote. Visit for more information T.I. schooled a representative from TMZ on his rights and assured everyone that he definitely can and will vote. In fact, he voted for Obama in the past two elections. T.I. tells the reporter, “As […]

Reporters Mistake Tupac’s Reenacted Death In Upcoming Biopic For A Real One

Screen Shot    at

A new biopic is in the works, documenting the life and death of late rapper Tupac Shakur. Tupac’s murder has already been recreated for the film, and maybe a little too well. Visit for more information During the filming of the murder, local reporters actually flooded to the Vegas Strip, mistaking the blank gunshots for […]

Conservative News Anchor Tomi Lahren Refuses To License Clip From Her Show For ‘Formation’ World Tour

beyonce lahren

Tomi Lahren, a conservative web anchor best known for her Beyoncé-criticizing Superbowl rant, is not backing down. She has refused to license her Bey-bashing clip for Bey’s Formation world tour. Visit for more information Beyoncé’s team reached out to Tomi and The Blaze, the network that runs her segment, through letter, to ask for […]

Audio From Prince’s Emergency Plane Landing Has Surfaced

web prince

Just six days before Prince’s passing, his plane made a life-saving emergency landing in Illinois to get him medical attention. Now audio from the frightening plane ride has surfaced.   Visit for more information The audio transmissions between the pilot and air traffic control identify Prince’s plane as “990” before the controller from the Chicago […]

Billy Paul Has Passed Away At 81


Manager Beverly Gay confirms soul singer Billy Paul has passed away this Sunday at his home in New Jersey. Visit for more information Paul had been battling cancer, and checked into Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia last week. However, his manager claims he was home at the time of his death. Paul is most […]

Jared Fogle’s Disturbing Texts Used Against Him In Appeal

the fbi has subpoenaed lewd text messages between subways jared fogle and a former subway franchisee

Jared Fogle, former face and body of Subway, and current jailed sandwich-making pedophile, was sentenced to 15.6 years jail time, which is harsher than the maximum recommended sentence (12.5 years) in his plea deal. Visit for more information Fogle is asking for an appeals court to throw out his current sentence, but legal documents were […]

Tidal And Spotify Have Outdated Versions Of ‘Yeezus’?


Everyone knows by now that Kanye’s TLOP underwent some much publicized post-Tidal release work. ‘Ye couldn’t help but fix a couple songs after he put out the Tidal exclusive, which seemed a little strange, but then again, Yeezy does makes the rules. Visit for more information However, news broke recently suggesting Kanye was now […]