Larry Reid

Terror Attack In Pakistan: 21 Killed At Bacha Khan University

Islamabad, Pakistan: In a tragic and organized act of terror and murder, 21 students (and maybe more) were killed at Bacha Khan University today [Wednesday, January 20], a university in northwest Pakistan. This shocking massacre was waged by armed militants during a special university ceremony for political purposes and to make a terrorist statement. The […]

It’s Time 4 Sum Aksion: President Obama Gets Real On Gun Control

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In President Obama‘s final year in the White House, he’s loading up to go hard against the proliferation of guns in America—specifically, limiting the number of guns in America by taking executive action. The President said this past Friday [January 1, 2016] he will meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday to review how […]

President Obama Vows To Destroy ISIS

Last night [Sunday, December 6] the President of the United States, Barack Obama, took to national airwaves in a prime-time Oval Office address to speak to the American people (and the world) on a broad range of ISIS-related issues and to announce ISIS will be defeated. In a passionate speech White House staffers claim Obama […]