The Brilliant ‘2 Dope Queens’ Podcast Ends Successful First Season

Dope Queens Promo Pic

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, hosts of the WNYC podcast 2 Dope Queens recently ended their first season. Visit for more information The very popular podcast caught the ears of many listeners from its first episode, pushing it to be one of the most popular on the WNYC platform. The podcast features conversations between […]

Report: The Rise Of E-Sports


Recently, ESPN and Turner Networks have delved into the world of E-Sports, devoting major broadcast time to the burgeoning industry. Visit for more information E-Sports are essentially leagues where players compete in different video games that are viewed live on the internet. It brings engagement from the audience and communication between the competitors in […]

London Elects Sadiq Khan As Its First Muslim Mayor

Sadiq Khan

London residents recently took a big step electing Sadiq Khan of the Labour Party to be Mayor of their city after a reportedly bitter campaign where allegations were made up and consistent rumors were spread about Khan. Visit for more information According to the BBC, Khan’s election ends eight years of Conservative power in […]

Music Superstars Take The Fight Against Digital Piracy to Congress


It’s estimated digital piracy has drained billions of dollars from the music industry since the transition from CDs to digital music files caused piracy to become an even bigger issue affecting the industry. As new forms of listening to music like streaming appeared and continued to grow, artists dependent on the streaming model are becoming […]

Artists Claim YouTube Is Undercutting Their Profits


Last year, Jay Z dropped a freestyle at the Tidal B-Sides concert, where he addressed the criticism of his streaming service, his competitors in the field and the payment artists receive from these rival streaming platforms. Specifically, YouTube and Spotify caught the most flack in his freestyle, where he raps, “I feel YouTube is the […]

Colombian Soldier Lost In The Jungle Kept Alive By Rap Music

C Jungle II

A Colombian soldier lost in the jungle reportedly survived on two things: turtles and rap music. Visit for more information An article published by Colombian Reports detailed this soldier’s harrowing tale of survival when Yefer Sanchez was separated from his unit while conducting a routine patrol in a section of the jungle in Colombia. […]

As 4/20 Approaches, Are Black Entrepreneurs Blocked Out Of The Legal Weed Boom?


As the march to legalize weed across the country continues, in the states where marijuana is legal there has been a noticeable trend that seems to have taken hold: Black entrepreneurs being blocked out of the marijuana business where millions are being made. States like Colorado and California are ground zero for the industry, but […]

The “Selective Outcry” When Terrorist Attacks Strike Outside The Western World

PAY Emergency services inside Brussels Airport following an explosion

As tragic as the terrorist attacks were in Brussels on March 22, 2016, with the world offering its assistance and sympathy to the Belgian people, the difference in outrage and sympathy has been written about in terms of where these attacks happen. Visit for more information Terrorist attacks in the heart of Europe in Belgium and France prompted worldwide […]

Know The Ledge: Learn More About “Legal Funding”

Joseph Genovesi Profile Pic

People hurt in a car accidents, alleged victims of police abuse, or victims of faulty products usually sue for justice and compensation. Lawsuits costs a lot of money and can take a long time before they are resolved. While the lawsuits work their way through the courts, the plaintiffs in these cases are burdened by […]

Money, Politics & Corruption In The Dominican Republic


As the presidential race in the Dominican Republic heats up, news outlet Dominican Today has published a story about the impact funds from criminal organizations may have on the overall political system in the country. Corruption is a major ongoing issue in the country and as the saying goes, “money talks.” Visit for more […]

Haitians Lawsuit Against United Nations Over Cholera Continues

Haiti Cholera

When cholera first appeared in Haiti, it caused massive panic throughout the country. It was reported well over 100,000 people were infected and close to 10,000 people were killed by the disease. Travel advisories were issued to tourists and foreigners with plans going to Haiti. Visit for more information News organizations headed towards the […]

4-D Movie Theaters Coming To New York City

Two 4-D movie theaters are to premiere in New York City at Times Square and Union Square. The first theater is set to open at the Regal Union Square Stadium theater for the premiere week of Batman v. Superman on March 25th. Visit for more information The creators (CJ 4DPlexCo, Ltd) of 4-D Theaters […]

Uncle Luke Is Now A High School Football Coach At Miami Jackson High School

Uncle Luke

Everyone seems to know Uncle Luke in some way— whether it’s as the leader of 2 Live Crew or a columnist for the Miami New Times. Uncle Luke was recently named the Defensive Coordinator of the Generals Football team at Miami Jackson High School. The surprise announcement came following the announcement of Bernice (from the television […]

Marcus Garvey Biopic Set To Be Released In 2017

Marcus Garvey

Hollywood is developing a film about the late Marcus Garvey and according to IMDB, it’s to be released in 2017. Visit for more information Some news outlets have reported veteran actor Delroy Lindo will play Marcus Garvey, but he hasn’t confirmed the news as yet. Lindo is of Jamaican descent and in his younger […]

The Fate of Sergeant Charles Martland Hangs In Balance For Saving Afghan Boy From Rape

Sergeant Charles Martland

Many news outlets have reported on the upcoming decision on the fate of Sergeant Charles Martland because of the actions he took when he assaulted an Afghan law enforcement official during his time in Afghanistan. Visit for more information Sgt. Martland was reported to have beat up the Afghan official because of the alleged […]

Wall Street Journal Catches Up With The Latest Dances

cam newton

The Wall Street Journal is one of the premier news publications in the United States and arguably the world. The news outlet is where business is the topic of discussion and recently they published an article about the businesses behind the latest dances like the Shmoney dance, the Dab, Hit The Quan, Whip/Nae Nae and […]

A Win For Consumers: FCC Votes To Unlock The Cable Box

cable box

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted to allow a proposal for competition in the creation of set top boxes that are given by cable companies to provide access to the channels people watch on their television screens. Time Warner Cable, Optimum Online, Verizon, AT&T and other companies in the cable business are going to […]

Video Visitation Allows Families To Visit Their Loved Ones, But At What Cost?

Video Visitation Screen

When a person goes away to prison, it affects more than the individual serving the actual jail sentence. The expensive phone calls, correspondences through letters, and photos are ways for the incarcerated and their families to keep in touch. Some families even take the long trips sometimes hours at a time and endure the expensive […]