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Label Execs Reveal How They Make Rappers Go Viral

California Wildfires Reaches Lil Pump's Backyard

They call it “The Pump Plan” based on the viral success of Florida Emcee “Lil Pump”. A formula for helping rappers go viral. A new report from Vulture examines how labels are snatching up viral sensations and cashing in big. WSo what’s the secret formula for getting rappers like XXXtentacion, Lil Pump and 6ix9ine to become […]

Sky Lights Up Electric Blue Over NYC Causing Alien Controversy

Blue Sky

Coming at a time where everyone just finished watching BirdBox, Netflix’s blockbuster hit about a force in the sky that makes you kill yourself from looking at it, an illuminating blue shock in the sky threw social media into a panic Thursday evening. The incident took place in Queens, NY, though if you were outside […]

Atlanta DJ and Producer Speakerfoxx Passes Away at 35


In a very sad story over this past weekend, DJ Speakerfoxx, who was very well known in the industry circle and an Atlanta celebrity, has passed away. The 35-year-old female DJ/producer was well-known for being the tour DJ for acts like Yelawolf, Three 6 Mafia’s Gangsta Boo and Rittz. Born Christen Nilan, was also admired for […]

Hip-Hop Provides 12 of the Top 15 Selling Albums of 2018

big five top tier  hip hop

It should come as no surprise that hip-hop is the most popular genre of music in 2018. It is everywhere, not just the music but the culture itself. You can see big commercial brands using Hip-Hop language in their tweets and social media posts. Visit for more information More and more Hip-Hop celebrities are […]

2018 Marked the Year for Most School Shootings Ever


Since the earth-shaking Columbine shooting of 1999, more than 25,300 students had gunfire incidents at their school. 94 people were shot and 33 people were killed in 2018. Over 220,000 students have experienced gun violence at school. This number is bananas! What is it about America that there is so much gun violence in schools? Is […]

The Notorious B.I.G. and Wu-Tang Clan Get Immortalized by New York City


It’s the day after Christmas and the gifts keep flowing for hip-hop super group, The Wu-Tang Clan, and one of the greatest rappers to ever live, The Notorious B.I.G.  Earlier today, ABC News announced that Biggie will get the block he grew up on in Bedford-Stuyvesant changed to Christopher Wallace Way, and what will be […]

Hip-Hop Undisputedly Dominated All of 2018

lil wayne drake post malone

Remember they said hip-hop was dead years ago… Visit for more information Let’s not front like hip-hop isn’t the new pop today. Everywhere you go, whether it’s Starbucks, the corner social or a bar mitzvah; you’re going to find hip-hop painting in the background or the forefront. And in 2018, hip-hop’s mostly lived in […]

Volcano Causes Devastating Tsunami in Indonesia


In a very sad and devastating tale of Mother Nature, 373 people have died from a Tsunami that struck Indonesia due to the Anak Krakatau volcano slipping into the ocean along the rim of the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra islands late this past Saturday. Buildings demolished, families devastated, and a country heartbroken. At least […]

Dodgers Monster Trade Could Be Chess Move for Bryce Harper

Manny Bryce

Cincinnati, OH- The Reds and Dodgers just pulled off one of the biggest trades at the winter meetings in all of baseball.  Star OF’s Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig, along with LHP Alex Wood and backup catcher Kyle Farmer for Starting Pitcher Homer Bailey. The Dodgers also sent a buttload of cash in the sum […]

The Decline of Tom Brady Sucks For All Fans of Football

9-5 with two weeks left, is the worst record the Patriots have had in the Tom Brady era since 2010 when they went 10-6 and lost in the wild-card round to the Ravens. No one likes getting older. Your back hurts, your knees ache and you find yourself spending more time in the bathroom. Personally, I […]

Steph Curry Reaches 15,000 Career Points

Steph Curry

Chef Curry in the pot boy! The pot is the bottom of the net soaking wet. It’s undeniable that Steph Curry is one of the best players of the last decade. He came into the league in 2009 and has been on a tear ever since. A 5x All-Star, 3x Champion and 2x NBA MVP. […]

Tory Lanez Beefs With Royce Da 5’9 on Twitter

Tory Royce

“That’s why u rappidy ass n****s always had the wrong conception of a W… shows why y’all careers look how they look now,” tweeted Tory Lanez in response to an earlier tweet where Royce simply said “No” when a fan asked the Detroit emcee if Tory won the battle vs Joyner Lucas. Tory sent the […]

12-Year Old Boy Murders Sister, Stabs Mother in Connecticut


In the saddest story in the news today, a 12-year old boy murdered his sister and also stabbed his mother. Ironically enough, and also pretty scary, the address this took place at is 187 Stoner Driver in West Hartford, CT.  If you are unaware, 187 is police penal code in California for a homicide. As […]

Judge Sentences Deer Poacher to Watch ‘Bambi’


A family from Missouri has been arraigned in a mass deer poaching case, where reportedly hundreds of deer were hunted and killed illegally. Conservation agents are calling it the largest deer poaching case  in the state’s history. The family David Berry Sr. of Springfield; son David Berry Jr., 29, of Brookline; son Eric Berry, 20, of […]

Officers Charged After Slamming Student On Camera


A video has surfaced of two officers manhandling a 14-year old middle school student leading to the two resignations of the two former officers. It is unclear what started the altercation, as there is no audio as there may have been something said that triggered the officer, Anthony “Kip” Dupre, to slam the student on […]

Joakim Noah Says He Was ‘Too Lit’ to Play in NYC


“If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”- Frank Sinatra. Visit for more information New York City, often regarded as the greatest city on earth, can be overwhelming for many with all it’s fast life features and flare. Everybody here is either chasing a dream, money, love or their vision of […]

Facebook Reports Your Private Photos May Have Gone Public

facebook bug

Bah Hum-BUG! Another API bug is crawling around the tech space today. This time the victim is Facebook and about 6.8 million Facebook users who use the platform daily. Remember that embarrassing photo of you doing a keg-stand in your underwear at the holiday party? Well, it’s now viral fam, good job. According to a […]

WATCH: The Lakers Pay Special Tribute to Dwyane Wade


On December 10th, Dwyane Wade made his last and final trip to the Staples Center as an NBA player. The Lakers paid tribute to him by putting together a video on their jumbotron that played during a timeout in the 1st quarter. Completely unexpected by it, D. Wade was clearly touched and soon after the […]

D-Grade Delicious Food Available at all Your Home Games

Mets Food

Want to know something gross? ESPN Outside The Lines reported that 111 professional sports venues have serious food violations.  Paula Lavigne of ESPN reported that 6,900 routine inspections were conducted at the venues in 2016 and 2017, resulting in 28 percent of them incurring a high-level violation at half or more of their food stands. A high-level violation is one […]

Brinks Truck Makes it Rain on New Jersey Highway

Brinks Truck Makes it Rain on New Jersey Highway

Picture this;  You’re in your 04 Honda Accord on your way to a job you hate. You’re literally in the car listening to “Going Bad” when suddenly you notice several cars pulled to the side of the road, traffic filling up, minor crashes and people running in the middle of the highway… could this be […]