Matt Van Sol

Nuns Steal $500,000 to Party in Las Vegas


Can I just start this article off by saying “LMAO”? This may be the most absurd story you’ll read all day. Nuns, literally the holiest of women who you would probably trust your social security and bank card with, steal half a million dollars from their own private Catholic school to indulge in sin city. […]

First Look: Miles Morales, The Spider-Man From Brooklyn


Tumbling down Wythe Ave. in his Bred Jordan 1’s, a fan of Chance The Rapper and a dope graffiti artist; Miles Morales is the Spiderman we need right now. Coming shortly after the recent passing of Spider-Man creator and comic book legend, Stan Lee, Miles Morales swings in just in time. Visit for more […]

Mass Shooting in France; Gunman Still at Large


Multiple people shot and killed during a mass shooting that took place in the Eastern French city of Strasbourg; 14 wounded, 2 dead and 1 brain dead. The shooter? 29-year old Cherif Chekatt, a native of Strasbourg, was already on France’s National Security radar before the shooting. Police raided his home hours prior to the shooting […]

Google Bug Spreads Infecting 52.5 Million Users

google login page bug

Check your Google Plus account lately? If not, do it now because you will be locked out indefinitely sooner than later. In October, Google announced that they were discontinuing the platform due to some minor corruption caused by a third party leaving a number of accounts exposed. This third party application leaked personal user information […]

Transgender Boxer Victorious in Historic Debut

Patricio Manuel

In 2018, it should come as no surprise to anyone that transgender people are finding their place in the modern sports world. Regardless of your sex and/or gender, if you can ball, then, by all means, ball out fam (No pun intended).  The most recent transgender athlete to make headlines is Patricio Manuel, 33, born […]

Church Holds Non-Stop Service to Protect Refugee Family


The Bethal church in the Netherlands is currently holding a non-stop service to protect a family from being deported.  Rewind back to 2010 when the Tamrazyan family, who consists of both parents and three children, fled Armenia for political reasons. Despite multiple attempts by the family to stay in the country, the Dutch government denied their […]

NASA Report Suggests All-Female Team to Mars Due to Sexual Dynamic


Visit for more information “No sex in the space room please.” That’s the motto, I guess, for NASA’s recent reasoning to send an all-female team of space travelers to Mars because of the sexual dynamic among astronauts. The report, which has never been officially released, discussed by some NASA insiders and astronauts who saw […]

The 2019 Grammy Nominations Are in and Hip-Hop Dominates

Drake Grammy

The 2019 Grammy nominees are in and Hip-Hop is dominating, again. It’s that time of year where music’s brightest stars from all genres get judged for the music they put out this year by the one and only Recording Academy. It’s up to those voting members to see who is the best of the best, […]

Is LeBron James Recruiting Carmelo Anthony to Join Him in Los Angeles?

carmelo anthony lebron james ftr jpg euinhhiknwpwnoswva

LeBron James calls on Carmelo to come to LA and it’s most likely not for the Women, Weed, and Weather… we think.  Though, that’s enough for me to book a one-way flight to the City of Angels. Hollywood life is starkly different than living anywhere else in the world, but maybe it’s just the change […]

Drake is the Top-Selling Solo Male Artist of All-Time in America

drake money

According to the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), Drake has passed Elvis, Eminem and Michael Jackson for total music sales grossing up to $218,280,000 in sales. No other solo male artist has even broken $200,000,000, Elvis is second with 191,000,000 and Eminem is next at 172,000,000. Visit for more information Let’s be honest, […]

Cardi B and Offset Off Their Relationship

Fan Sues Cardi B, Offset for Post Met Gala Bodyguard Beatdown

These bloody shoes are now walking out the door as Cardi B and Offset call it splits according to a recent post on Cardi B’s Instagram.  Cardi’s most recent post is a video of her explaining how she feels with the caption: “There you go.. peace and love.” Visit for more information The “Bodak Yellow” […]

Travis Scott Wants to Go to Harvard


While teaching a class at Harvard University about his creative process in “Master Class on Creativity,”  Travis Scott showed he elated to be there, even perhaps, tickled crimson. Scott stated, “Yeah, actually I’m so excited to be here, I actually want to go to school here one day.” Of course, the group in the auditorium […]

Watch Alicia Keys Pay Tribute to Jay-Z By Covering a Classic

alicia keys

Let’s be honest, Alicia Keys is one of the greater talents of the 2000’s. She can sing, play piano like Stevie Wonder and she’s just flat-out beautiful. We all have been in love with her as an artist since she was “Falling” but today on possibly the greatest rapper of all-time’s birthday, she’s “Feelin’” instead. […]

Robinson Cano is Back in NY But This Time His Home is in Queens


Anyone who lives or has even visited the Big Apple knows that The New York Mets have always played second fiddle to their crosstown rivals, The New York Yankees. The franchise that has been the face of baseball since Babe Ruth was acquired from the Red Sox back in 1920 solidified The Yanks as America’s […]

Tumblr is Now Banning Nudes from Being Shared on the Site


Tumblr has been a major platform for some including artists, musicians and scene kids that have accumulated tons of followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Tumblr has made a public statement reading that it will move to ban all adult content as of Dec. 17th including photos of genitalia, photos, vids and GIF’s pertaining […]

Fasting for 72 Hours Can Reset Your Entire Immune System


University of Southern California – According to a study done by USC scientists at the University of California, fasting for three days can have a significant improvement in your body’s health. The six-month study was done on both mice and human’s who are currently going through chemotherapy noticed a significant improvement in their health as […]

Vegetarian Chef Kills Customer and Serves to Guests

Bangkok, Thailand. Visit for more information A restaurant advertised as “Vegetarian” had a host of diners one night looking to enjoy their noodle dishes when some suspected a weird “meaty” substance sprinkled into their food. After further investigation, diners were outraged and contacted the authorities. When they arrived, they found blood splattered all over […]