Hood Health 101: Getting Over The Winter Blues

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This edition of Hood Health 101 gives you ways to lighten your mood during the winter months Visit for more information Feeling a little sluggish, uninspired, irritable or kinda blah? Well, you may be experiencing the winter blues. For some people, as the colder temperatures hit and the daylight hours decrease, they can experience […]

Hood Health 101: Even Kermit Thinks Tea Is Dope

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This edition of Hood Health 101 goes into the benefits of Herbal Tea. Visit for more information     Advertisement   There are so many things that take a toll on our bodies daily from stress, diet and hormones along with everything in between. Drinking herbal teas is one of the easiest and quickest […]

Her Source | Seven Influential Black Women That We Should All Know

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Visit for more information Today marks the beginning of Black history month and it’s only fitting to pay homage to 7 very influential women that we should all know, from Harriet Tubman to Oprah. There are so many original women who have reshaped the course of history, and taking a moment to acknowledge them […]

Her Source | Study Links Binge TV Watching To Depression and Loneliness

Could Binge Watching TV Shows Be Dangerous Viewing

Binge watching your fave TV shows may seem like a great idea, but read this first.   Visit for more information Finding a new show, getting excited, and then watching all of the episodes that you missed is something that I know many of us have done. Personally, I watched season 1 of Scandal […]

Hood Health 101: Excessive Sitting Kills!


This edition of Hood Health 101 looks at a recent study that links prolonged sitting with premature death. Visit for more information   Modern conveniences strive to make everything that we do take the least amount of effort to accomplish. We can do so much from the comfort of our beds, chairs, or couch […]

California Declares E- Cigarettes A Health Threat

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California declares unregulated electronic cigarettes a health threat Visit for more information Health officials stated that the popular smoking alternative e-cigarettes, should be regulated like any other tobacco product. The health report from the California Department of Public Health contends that e-cigarettes release cancer causing chemicals and still gets its users hooked on nicotine. […]

Hood Health 101: The Power Of Breathing Deeply


This edition of Hood Health 101 delves into the benefits of breathing deeply Visit for more information   I am sure that at some point we have all felt overwhelmed, stressed out, negative, or some other low energy vibration. Now there are many natural or holistic alternatives to address all of the issues listed […]

Hood Health 101: Vibrational Healing With Crystals


This edition of Hood Health 101 goes into the science and healing properties of crystals. Visit for more information   There are many ways to find balance and replenish your energy daily. Having a medium that is safe and connects you to yourself is a wonderful thing. Hood Health 101 has previously covered the […]

Hood Health 101: There Are Levels To This!


This edition of Hood Health 101 covers the differences between an alkaline diet verses an overly acidic diet. Visit for more information   I know that we here the terms alkaline and acidic quite a bit when it comes to diet and I wanted to touch on it more for clarity. Acidic foods are […]

Hood Health 101: Just Sweat The Technique


This weeks edition of Hood Health 101 delves into the benefits of sweat! Visit for more information   As we approach the second week into the New Year, I will that those of you who made resolutions to be healthier are sticking to them. I know that many of you are exercising like crazy. […]

Hood Health 101: Celebrates National Mentoring Month


  Visit for more information This edition of Hood Health 101 encourages you to make a difference by participating in National Mentoring Month.   Advertisement 2015 is officially here and to kick it off on the right foot Hood Health 101 is celebrating National Mentoring Month.  So while you have made and are making […]

Hood Health 101: Achieving Cultural Preservation With Integrity


This edition of Hood Health 101 addresses the topic of cultural preservation with integrity and how it can be achieved. Visit for more information   Cultural preservation with integrity is vital for any ethnicity or group of people. The problem that is found within the African American community is a lack of cultural preservation […]

Kwanzaa And It’s Importance To The African American Experience


  Visit for more information Kwanzaa is a Pan African Holiday that emphasizes a time of remembrance and recommitment to the global African community and to our ancestors. It creates the climate to sustain reflections regarding the moral compass, vast influence, and extensive reach with regard to the meaning of being African in this […]

Hood Health 101: The Importance Of The Winter Solstice


This edition of Hood Health 101 talks about being in tune with the cycles of nature. Visit for more information The Winter Solstice officially began on Sunday, so….. Happy Winter Solstice! Many individuals will dismiss this time as nothing more than good ole winter and that’s it. I beg to differ beloveds because everything […]

Hood Health 101: Perspective….Got Some?


This edition of Hood Health 101 deals with the power of perspective! Visit for more information   Perspective by definition is a point of view. Our perspectives are shaped by our upbringing, experiences, social norms, and acquired knowledge. With that being said, how we define ourselves, our station in life and general viewpoint is […]

Hood Health 101: Herbs To Keep Those Nasty Winter Colds Away


This weeks edition of Hood Health 101 gives you a listing of herbs that will help you keep those colds at bay! Visit for more information As we approach the winter solstice we understand that the climate changes can wreak havoc on our immune system. Being proactive and preparing for colds early in light […]

Hood Health 101: Dope Baking Soda Hacks


This edition of Hood Health 101 gives you some useful tips on additional ways that you can use baking soda. Visit for more information   The kitchen most of the time is the place where you can find a solution to the majority of your ills. Many of you may have had that Big […]

Hood Health 101: Hustle Smarter And Go To College For Free!


This edition of Hood Health 101 gives you the resources needed to get a free college education! Visit for more information   “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Advertisement ― Malcolm X   Education, be it formal or informal is vital for […]

Hood Health 101: The Perfection Myth


This weeks edition of Hood Health 101 tackles the unrealistic notions of perfection and its impact on your well being. Visit for more information Along the line in life, many of us have been privy to the all too common notion that perfection is directly linked to our success. Well folks, it’s a lie! […]

Hood Health 101: Fast Food Vegan Style!


This week’s edition of Hood Health 101 offers you quick and easy 15 minutes or less recipes that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Visit for more information   We all can value time saving nutritious recipes that enable us to make healthy quick and fulfilling meals. With that in mind, I decided […]