The Soul of Philadelphia May Have Saved The Nation


As the United States stands influx, all eyes are fixed on the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. Philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation, is at the center of the presidential election. She is highlighted not because of the great food (Jims, Mama’s and Ishkabibbles are always a great reason to celebrate this great […]

Kanye West Orchestrates a Special Kardashian Reunion Between Kim and Her Dad, Robert

Rob Kardashian

Technology allows for birthday gifts to go far and beyond the average person’s wildest imagination. Note … the average person. “Average” and “Kanye West” should never be in the same sentence. Each and every day, the world realizes more and more that producer-turned-rapper-turned-millionaire-turned-fashion-turned-politician is far from the average thinking person and this could be proven […]

Salaam Remi Answers What It Means to Be ‘Black on Purpose’

Case 1

As a producer, Salaam Remi proves that there is a market for music created for Generation X that does not feel old or dated. His new album, Black on Purpose, embodies the Remi spirit that has curated signature sounds for Jazmine Sullivan, the Fugees, Amy Winehouse, and so many in 90s Hip-Hop and Dance Hall […]

Donald Trump Makes Promises to Black America

Donald Trump has laid out an extensive proposal for the upliftment of the African American community. Dubbed the Platinum Plan, he detailed in a speech all the ways he plans to make life better for Black people — in ways that he contends the Democrats have never. He said when announcing his agenda, “For decades, […]

KSOO and his Father Arrested for Drive-By Shooting that Left Another Dead


Florida rapper KSOO (21) was arrested alongside his father (49) after being charged with the murder of another rapper named Lilbuck. KSOO, whose real name is Hakeem and Abdul Robinson, were eyed by an off-duty cop on January 15th as they participated in a drive-by. In response, the officer pursued the vehicles that he saw […]

A Shirtless Justin Bieber Sings K-Ci and Jojo’s Hit Song, “All My Life”

Justin Bieber All My Life 1

Justin Bieber, the heartthrob responsible for at least a decades worth of broken little girls’ hearts after getting married to Hailey Rhode Bieber, is now grown and stunting into the fall with his celebrity prowess on full display. Earlier this week, he guest-starred in DJ Khaled and Drake’s new video, “Popstar.” Bieber stepped in for […]

What Does the Constitution Say About Slavery and the Shocking Number of Founding Fathers Who Tried to Dead Slave Trade in 18th Century

892px Constitution of the United States page 1

It is no surprise that the constitution was written by white men to protect them and the institutions that benefit them. One of those institutions from the jump was slavery. Ibram X. Kendi, author of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America (2016), showed exactly how pro-slavery the […]