Bad Boy Legend Craig Mack Dead at 46

Craig Mack

It started with him…. His classic “Flava In Ya Ear” cracked open the dynasty for Sean Combs’ Bad Boy Records. You don’t remember? Puffy in the background whispering a re-interpolated swipe from the classic New York gang film The Warriors, “Bad Boy… come out and playyyyyy.” Today is a very sad day in Hip-Hop as […]

Ludwig Goransson and Childish Gambino Working On New Project

Ludwig Childish

Words by Comfort Nnana Kalu Producer and composer, Ludwig Goranssen, recently interviewed with the Hollywood Reporter and dropped a gem on an upcoming project. In the interview, he talked about his involvement in the Black Panther film and coming up with the score while taking an in-depth look into African culture in order to build […]

Veteran Black Journalist, Ed Gordon, Drops Powerful Documentary ‘Am I Black Enough’

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This week Ed Gordon’s documentary Am I Black Enough debut on BounceTV and the Brown Sugar streaming service. This film interviews celebrities about the concept of race, colorism within the community and how ridiculous it is to define one’s Blackness. Cultural Identity has always been a sensitive subject for African-Americans. Mostly because of slavery, the […]

Tiffany Haddish Meets Oprah on Ellen, Loses her “S***”

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Even celebrities have that one person they have waited their entire lives to meet, for Girl’s Trip star Tiffany Haddish that special someone is Oprah Winfrey. In a sit down interview on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Haddish recounts the first time she met the beautiful Black, billion dollar mogul. Starting of the interview telling Ellen, […]

Agents of Change Lays Out How Young Black Students Fought to Free Minds


This week the documentary, Agents of Change, dropped for a limited time on PBS (2/20, 2/21, 2/24 & 2/25) and chronicles the events at San Francisco State in 1968 and at Cornell University in April, 1969, where Black students demanded that the administrations of these places of higher learning give them freedom to be Black Inteligencia […]

Google Taps Nas For Exclusive Black History Moment

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One of the most prolific emcees of our generation, Nasir “Nas” Jones partners with Google Arts and Culture as they launch their most extensive online collection of Black History and Culture at g.co/blackhistory called Beyond the Arts and Culture. By working with some of the worlds most significant cultural institutions, Google has acquired a collection that […]

Rare Breed Entertainment Presents Lift His Soul 4 [Recap]


While the Super Bowl buzz is at an all time high pitch, battle rap fans may have struck a chord that’s frequency may have  reached an equitable screech.  Rare Breed Entertainment offered up their Lift His Soul series for its fourth time. And it was truly something to behold. As the title infers, the card […]

Why ‘The Four’ Might Be The Best Talent Show Ever

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Ever since Star Search cinematically birth Beyonce and Aaliyah into our world, Hip-Hop has been itching for a head-to-head talent show that would make us pay attention. Now, let me preface this by saying… SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO DOESN’T COUNT IN THIS CONVERSATION. We all know that there are certain TV shows like The Apollo, The (original) Arsenio […]

Throwback Thursday: Is Hip-Hop Filled With Little Boys or Grown Men?

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In 2015, The Blastmaster KRS1 did an interview with VLADTV and submitted to the viewers that within current Hip-Hop, there is an “arena” that is filled up with little boys posing as men. According to the rapper, the little boy rappers are more concerned with materialism and surface things, while the grown men (which he […]

Viola Davis Speaks Truth At The Women’s March To Crowd Of Thousands

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Thousands took to the streets today in the 2018 Women’s March to protest violence, abuse and inequity against women throughout the world. This national campaign, rooted in feminine backlash to Trumpism, gave voice to the “Me Too” and “Times Up” movement.  While many celebrities spoke at the march, Viola Davis took the cake by delivering […]

Crunk G-d Lil’ Jon Becomes The New CEO of Papa John’s Pizza… Sorta

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What happens when the news that Papa John’s founder John Schnatter would step down from his position as the CEO of one of the hood’s favorite pizza company? People spazz out, twitter loses its mind and Lil’ Jon trolls in to save the day. Yeeaaaaayaaahhh! Fans jump on the news with an immediate replacement and […]

BET Has A Shift In Leadership- Debra Lee Passes Torch To Scott Mills

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What a way to end the year… Last year, Viacom appointed Robert Bakish as its President and CEO. Since taking the office, Viacom and all of the networks under its umbrella have experienced significant shakes up. The biggest shift that affects the Hip-Hop community is this recent change in leadership at BET. Longtime BET president […]

Is Ma$e Open to Battling On URLtv?

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Ayo Beasley… holla at Smack and set this jawn up! From Harlem USA to Anytown, East Jablip, the streets are talking about the beef between Ma$e and Cam’ron.   And while we NEVER want anything to trickle over into real rap rumble, we must admit hearing rap battles on “wax” gives us a bit of nostalgia. […]