#TwoCorinthians is Trending as President Speaks at National Prayer Breakfast

Donald Trump's Personal Valet Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Every year, The United States Congress and The Fellowship Foundation, a nonprofit religious organization designed to bring together political, religious and business leaders, together to worship and pray in concert for our country. In past great individuals such as Mother Teresa, former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair and TV producer Mark Burnett have been […]

34 Members of Brooklyn’s Woo Gang and Choo (Chew) Gang Knocked in Major Gun Bust

D.A. Eric Gonzalez

Ever since Pop Smoke‘s Meet the Woo debut, people have wondered exactly who are they meeting. New fans may not know, but the Brooklyn D.A. Eric Gonzalez does. And recently, he and NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea have arrested 34 alleged gang members under the suspicion of trading numerous guns connected to 13 shootings in Kings […]

Another Earthquake in the Caribbean… Puerto Rico Hit Again

Another massive earthquake has hit the Caribbean paradise, Puerto Rico, and it has left islanders wondering “What is going on?” It has been a little under a month (Jan. 7th) since “La Isla Bonita” was hit with the devastating effects of the 6.4 magnitude temblor. So, people are still trying to recover. This newest quake, […]

How are We to Decipher Jay-Z and Beyoncé Sitting During the National Anthem?

The Super Bowl invokes a lot of emotion from a lot of different people, nearly splitting the Black community down the middle. And with Jay-z inking his historic deal with the NFL almost half a year ago, Black folk have become even more divided. Many love Jay-Z. His lyrical gifts. His industrial nature and hustle-like […]

Cam’ron Uses Numerology to Make Sense Out of Kobe and Gigi’s Tragic Death

Kobe Bryant's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Delayed Due to COVID-19

Cam’ron may be on to something… He took to his social media to draw attention to the very strange occurrence surrounding Kobe and Gigi Bryant’s death. It is more of an amazing coincidence than it is a conspiracy. But either way, by pointing to numerology, Killa Cam is putting his followers on. In an Instagram […]

SOURCE BHM Month: The First Rapper Ever… Meet Coke La Rock

While you might believe that it is unlikely for anyone to really zone in who was the first person to ever be considered a rapper, the universal consensus from the people who were there back in the day, say that there is one name you have to point to. That would be an emcee named […]