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Machine Gun Kelly – Halo

machine gun kelly lead

“Halo,” showed a side of MGK we haven’t seen before. This song held great sentimental meaning behind it. Not only his words but his tone spoke volumes to the fact that there is something un-seen to us that is going on with the usual party animal superstar. His aggressive approach to the soft cross-process video […]

Herschel Supply: Social Media Branding


Herschel Supply co. sticking to its hipster, soft-rugged image has added a little flavor to their instagram profile. Now the stuff of Insta-Legend, Herschel’s outfit grids or travel kits can easily be found stocked with either the Classic, or Little America Backpacks. Often paired with simple Nikes, a Herschel wallet, shirt, pants and a occasional […]

Awaiting School Boy Q’s OxyMoron

schoolboy color

Spinner of musical masterpieces, this poetic gangster, black hippy and conceptual thug has spat many lines easily thought to be weaved from the same proverbial loom used by greats such as Easy E and Mystikal. Rapping way beyond his years, 27 year old Quincy Matthew Haley speaks with flow that reminds me of times before […]

Fashion: “Popculture’s” Trumpet

011 200x3001

Popculture; the circle of life for the ideas, perspectives, and social attitudes of our society, often expressed through writing, music, art, and fashion. Fashion being the expression of one’s Social outlooks, Timely appearance, Yearning admiration, Laudable thoughts, and their Ecardinate attitudes (style for short) allows those with the creativity to envelope onlookers with the many […]