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iPhone Owners Will Be The First To Test Their DNA With An App


The Apple company is pouring over $10 billion into its research and development department by 2016 Visit for more information Successful research leads to the development of powerful products that with adequate marketing become things that American consumers suddenly just can’t do without. Apple plans to stay on the cutting edge of product development […]

Her Source: Is Hot Yoga Dangerous?


For the past five years, Bikram yoga has been trending in urban America with work-out spas emerging in inner cities everywhere.  Before you make the sweaty dive, consider some scientific facts about the consequences of “hot” yoga.  

The 20 Best Timbaland Beats of the Last Decade

timbaland picture

Timothy Z. Mosley, better known as Timbaland, began his rise to fame in the mid-90s and had a steady progression of top Billboard chart hits annually from 1996 to 2001.   In August 2001 his collaborative partner, R&B singer, Aaliyah met a tragic end which seemed to send the producer into anonymity. Visit for more […]

Can Wale Prove His Elite Status with ‘The Album About Nothing’?


“I’ve got Grammy nominations. I’ve got number one records. My songs are triple platinum. I have a platinum single myself, gold singles left and right. I don’t even know if I would be able to do anything other than a passion product..a product that’s saying to all you rap n****s, ‘step your sh*t up’.” Visit […]

Mic Check: Introducing, Allan Kingdom


The BRIT Awards was forever changed on Wednesday, February 25,  2015 when Kanye West brought U.K.’s underground Hip-Hop to the main stage with at least an 100-man deep army of locally chosen soldiers.  The BRIT Awards doesn’t even have an urban music category but when Ye makes a move, audiences want to know why and […]

Alabama Middle School Arms Students Against Potential Shooters…With Canned Goods


School administrators across the country work in fear for their lives and those of their students.  Some schools have decided to replace fear with action, however. Visit for more information Due to a rash of school shootings across the United States, the principal of Alabama’s W.F. Burns Middle School, Priscilla Holley, came up with an […]

Terry Jones: Quran-Burning Florida Pastor Sells Fries Now

Terry Jones burning Quran

Florida pastor, who is on Al-Qaeda’s most wanted list, has changed occupations. Visit for more information Florida pastor, Terry Jones, has left the pulpit to accept a new calling to fill hungry bellies with fresh French fries.  The hated minister of Dove World Outreach Center opened “Fry Guys Gourmet Fries” in DeSoto Mall in […]

Sorry, No Carnitas – Chipotle Pulls Pork from the Menu


The fast food chain, Chipotle, faces a pork shortage as evidence of farm foul play forces them to pull pork from 1/3 of stores. Visit for more information   Everyday millions of consumers across the United States choose a fast food meal at least once a day in order to save time on grocery […]

FDA Approves New Weight Loss Device That Tricks the Body Into Feeling Full


EnteroMedics’ Maestro Neuroregulator electrical implant device looks like a promising replacement for gastric bypass surgery. Visit for more information According to the American Obesity Treatment Association, bariatric (gastric bypass) surgery is recommended for obese persons with a body mass index (BMI) ranging from 35 to 40 with associated medical conditions and greater than 40 […]

President Obama Announces Plans to Make High-Speed Internet Cheaper

Obama at CFU

President Obama makes high-speed broadband Internet access a 2015 initiative.  Visit for more information On Wednesday, January 14, 2015, President Barack Obama addressed an audience in Cedar Falls, Iowa before a backdrop of common household tools.  The setting was almost indicative of the “repairs” Obama said he would make to obsolete laws that halt […]