The Road to Equal Justice: Opal Tometi Partners with PeaceTech Lab

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PeaceTech Lab is an award-winning non-profit organization founded by the United States Institute of Peace. They announce the Road to Equal Justice (R2EJ), a U.S.-wide initiative to help provide free training, resources, and grants for organizations and individuals to tackle the power of media, technology and data to improve efforts for social justice and peacebuilding. They […]

Kyla Imani’s Single ‘No Humanity’ Featured on PBS’s ‘Driving While Black’ Film Tonight at 9/8c

Driving While Black

Throughout history, black people have been treated in ways that are beyond cruel, fair, or humane. However, throughout all the trials and tribulations, African Americans have persevered in so many ways. The use of knowledge, history, community, and daily life lessons have been key aspects to push for change, growth, and equality. Visit for […]

SOURCE LATINO: Bad Bunny and Joe Biden Collab ?!


Presidential candidate Joe Biden has enlisted the assistance of Latin megastars Bad Bunny and Alejandro Fernandez in his ads that target the Latino community, specifically in Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Prospective voters can listen to Bad Bunny’s 2020 hit song “Pero Ya No”,which will include footage from several Trump rallies and racial protests. Visit […]

LGBTQ Community Takes Supreme: Courts Rule for Gay and Transgender Rights in the Workplace

By: Melissa Sanchez Visit for more information The Supreme Court ruled Monday that a landmark federal civil rights law from the 1960s protects gay and transgender workers, a historic decision! The ruling was 6-3, with Justice Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s first appointee to the court, and the most conservative. writing the majority opinion. The […]

WATCH: Why Rolling Loud NYC Was the Biggest Party to Ever Hit Queens, NYC!

Rolling Loud Festival Day  The Source

Rolling Loud makes for one of the best double entendres, whether you think of it as the highest grade ganja or literally rolling to a dope festival and hearing your favorite rappers live and in loud action! Visit for more information   Advertisement   For the first time since its inception in Miami, Rolling […]

6th Grader Apologizes For Lying About Boys Cutting Her Dreadlocks

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A few days ago a story of a young girl being tormented by her classmates went viral. The sixth-grader attends Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Virginia and said three white classmates bombarded her on the playground last week and used scissors to cut off some of her dreadlocks.  She said the 3 boys teased that […]

New Arrest Made in Connection With Mac Miller Overdose

Mac Miller

The anniversary of Mac Miller’s fatal overdose was just a few weeks ago. Timely enough so was the arrest of Mac’s alleged dealer of fraudulent oxy pills, Cameron James Pettit. Visit for more information New developments reported by TMZ  show that the police have arrested another man in connection with Mac Miller’s over-dose, Ryan Reavis.  […]

Question Of The Day: Will Lebron Catch That Next Ring With The Lakers


Yet again, Lebron James is changing teams for a third time. Visit for more information And so, The Source takes it to the streets with a new question of the day, asking every day folk if The Lakers are the team to get him that next shiny ring? Watch how the residents of Brooklyn’s […]

Source TV: Question of the Day, Riddle Me This

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Our Source TV team is at it again with Question of the Day. Visit for more information   Riddle us this, “ If you have mayo, ketchup, and turkey in your refrigerator. What do you open up first?”   Advertisement As you can imagine when we took this question to the street we heard […]

Rep Ya Hood: Here’s How You Do It


[jwplayer TEY8XUvd]Hey fam! We’ve been getting submissions in for Rep Ya Hood and so far so good.  However we would like to give you all a little taste of what we are looking for. Visit for more information As per guidelines all videos should include your contact information.  It could be at the beginning, […]

[WATCH] Source Report: R Kelly’s Confessions, Tekashi escapes death, and much more

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Over the weekend R. Kelly took to Instagram Live to preview a 19-minute track, where he addresses sex cult allegations, Aaliyah, being illiterate and, #muteRKelly. Visit for more information Also over the weekend it appears Tekashi 6ix9ine was robbed and kidnapped after filming a new music video. Luckily Tekashi did escape, and took to […]

[WATCH] Source Report: Boosie Probation Free, Azealia Banks v. Wild ‘n Out and More

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Boosie Badazz is finally off parole, but his troubles didn’t end there. It seems there is baby mama drama that can potentially cause his more legal troubles. Speaking of drama, Azealia Banks recently appeared on Wild ‘n Out and alleges she experienced colorist jokes and many other insensitive “pre-planned” jokes. Visit for more information […]

Source TV: Question of the Day

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Source TV presents a hilarious series titled Question of the Day. We are hitting every street, block, and city to get real and raw responses to questions about the latest in Hip- Hop and entertainment. Visit for more information   Stay tuned, we just might make it on your block. Advertisement

Source TV: The Source Report

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Source TV presents The Source Report. Tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and catch Dantee and Zae Diggs for the latest in Hip Hop and Entertainment. Visit for more information   If it’s hot off the press, the Source is bringing it to you with a real take on what’s going on in […]

5 Hilarious Truths We Learned About the #InMyFeelingsChallenge


We are pretty sure that sometime this week you sang the words over and over…. “Keke, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me.” Although none of us are quite sure who Keke is, we all have been walking around humming the tunes making hearts with our hands. […]

The VidCon Experience: On The Road to SOURCE360

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This past weekend, Vloggers everywhere were celebrated to the max. Short-form, long-form, comedy, music, informational and educational… whatever niche you can name, they were at this year’s online video fanfest, VidCon. VidCon brings creatives of all ages together in efforts to learn more about YouTube as a medium and to explore new and innovative ways […]