Media Watch: Has Beyonce Become More Political?

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Visit for more information Beyonce has always been calculated in her presentation towards the public.  From her glamorous image to the things she say in high profile interviews (where her team likely inquired what questions would be asked), Mrs. Carter has always seemed like the glass house that just wouldn’t break.  She smiles a […]

Stand Your Ground: 25 More States Stevie Wonder May Consider Boycotting

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Ever since the non-guilty verdict of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial was released late Saturday night last weekend, celebrities have been speaking out. Visit for more information One of the most stunning reactions came from the music icon and 22 Grammy Award winner Stevie Wonder, who declared he would not performed in Florida again […]

Lola Monroe Is Ready for Lipstick & Pistols

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Visit for more information The first lady of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, Lola Monroe, is back in the studio, preparing for her next set of music, already titled Lipstick & Pistols.  It was originally scheduled for an earlier release, but due to the birth of her first born Brixton with rapper King Los, Monroe took […]

Nicki Minaj Is Officially on Instagram

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During her stint as a judge on season 12 of American Idol, Nicki Minaj Twit-pic’ed almost all of her outfits she wore live on the air, as well as some impromptu photo shoots from her designer clad wardrobe.  If you’re one of her loyal Barbz, you were probably thinking, “why doesn’t she just get an […]

Review: “Being Mary Jane”

Being Mary Jane

When the name Mary Jane is said, two things often come to mind: those classically girly, Americana flats with a strap across the foot, or the most carefree hallucinogen on the planet. Visit for more information Being Mary Jane, the original BET film that serves as the launching pad for the upcoming series of the […]

Charli Balitmore Preps for Mixtape, ‘Hard to Kill’


It’s been years since we’ve heard from Charli Baltimore, the Notorious B.I.G. affiliate; one-third trio of the ladies (alongside Ashanti and Vita) that ran with the once thriving Murder Inc. crew under Irv Gotti; and once at point her association with The Game’s Black Wall Street.  While she’s been laying low on the scene, little […]

The Female Rap Award Category: Need It Or Let It Go?

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Watching Nicki Minaj accept her fourth year in a row winning Best Female Rap Artist, at the 2013 BET Awards, was the equivalent of watching an actor or film win the Academy Award after having swept the Critics Choice, Golden Globes, and SAGs weeks prior.  It may had been the most anti-climatic moment of the […]

She Did That: Celebs Hit The 2013 BET Awards Red Carpet

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Last night for the 2013 BET Awards it was definitely about the ladies (sorry guys) as they graced the red carpet and stage looking elegant and chic. Lets take a look at some of the ensembles they adorned themselves in. Visit for more information -written by Bre (@Iam_bree_) Nicki Minaj YMCMB princess Nicki Minaj […]

Rita Ora Shares Her Reggae Vibes In Snoop Lion’s “Torn Apart” Video

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Shot Instagram-style and live from Thailand, Snoop Lion got Rita Ora to collaborate for his rosy-sounding heartbreak duet “Torn Apart” from his Reincarnated album. A definite cross-cultural experience, with the reggae sounds and Southeast Asian scenery, “Torn Apart” is a light-hearted summer tune. Visit for more information Watch it below… –C. Shardae Jobson (@lavishrebellion) […]

Her Source Top 5: Controversial Music Videos by a Female Artist


While MTV and VH1 have compiled a list of videos that were deemed so controversial, some couldn’t be at all or at least not until a certain time of the day, a majority of those clips came from male artists, but women haven’t strayed away from provocative imagery, such as the icon Madonna and Fiona […]

Should R&B Singers Use the N-Word?


Compliments of Paula Deen, the usage of the N-Word has returned to our social radar.  Having taken a few years of nonchalance appeal, not since Nas chose to name his ninth album the epithet “Nig***” (until public outcry had him simplify it to “Untitled”) has the word garnered so much thought and opinion once again. […]

M.I.A. Unleashes Her “Bring the Noize” Video


M.I.A. is one of limited female artists in the mainstream music diaspora (to the contrary of her world music inclinations), to utterly rip apart, challenge, and dispute the mistreatment and influence of women’s rights, cultural appropriation, and the always recalcitrant issue of freedom of speech. Visit for more information In 2012, she dropped “Bad […]

Tupac To Receive a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star in 2014

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#LEGENDSNEVERDIE Visit for more information Tupac Shakur will forever be one of the most important figures and icons of rap and hip-hop music. Posthumously, he’s as popular and significant than ever.   His lyrics and take on the real meaning of “thug life” has hit an all new generation that somewhat missed out on […]

Melody Ehsani to Drop Another Round of Reebok Collab Sneakers

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Popular  trendsetting  jewelry designer Melody Ehsani has been making serious moves outside of her famed namesake line that gained her a following, including collaborations with the Cali nail polish brand NCLA. Visit for more information Ehsani has also co-ventured with Reebok for a limited edition capsule set of sneakers. Last year, she released Python printed pairs […]

The Top 5 Moments From Beyonce’s Dangerously In Love Era


Visit for more information Today, Beyoncé’s Dangerously In Love officially celebrates its 10th anniversary. Do you remember the first time you heard the bombastic prelude of Beyoncé’s first solo single “Crazy in Love”? Its lovestruck lyrics that seemed at  times nonsensical mixed with that uppity R&B meets funk meets a slight bit of electric new wave […]

Kelly Rowland Visits 106 & Park for Talk A Good Game

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With appearances on Good Morning America, Wendy Williams, and meeting fans in New York’s Best Buy, Kelly Rowland is crashing the boys club this week (with Kanye, J. Cole, and Mac Miller releasing LPs) and is promoting her fantastic Talk A Good Game.  Interviewed by Bow Wow and guest co-host Angela Simmons, Rowland chatted about […]

Watch Meagan Good Get Groovy In Anchorman 2 Trailer

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Meagan Good’s star is definitely rising in Hollywood. After appearing in the hit Think Like A Man, come December 20, she’ll play the love interest to Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy in the absolutely anticipated sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.  The entire original cast returns, and as you’ve surely heard, yes, both Drake and Kanye […]

Her Source Top 5: J. Lo’s Most Iconic Film Roles

Today, Jennifer Lopez, one of pop culture’s most celebrated figures received her long-awaited Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Visit for more information Since making her first acting debut in 1986’s My Little Girl to worldwide super-stardom by 1999, Lopez has been credited as one of the ultimate examples of achieving the most glamorous vision […]

Serena Williams Apologizes for Steubenville Rape Comments

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Feminist and black-centric blogs were blazing this morning because of excerpt from a recent interview French Open winner Serena William had with the iconic Rolling Stone magazine that otherwise showed her in a very non-flattering light. It was a Q&A for its website, and during the interview, attention had turned momentarily to the news on […]

Review: ‘Talk a Good Game’ by Kelly Rowland

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–C. Shardae Jobson (@lavishrebellion) Visit for more information Kelly Rowland Talk A Good Game Advertisement Republic Records Released on June 18, 2013 To the contrary, this is not a make or break album for Kelly Rowland.  Talk a Good Game arrives at a comfortable time for her musically as past releases were attempted to […]