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SOURCE SPORTS: Conor McGregor Showcases New $1 Million Watch


Conor McGregor is getting ready for a big fight in a couple of weeks but before he hits UFC 257, he is flexing a new watch. Complex reports McGregor has purchased a new Astronomia Baguette rose gold watch from Caob and Co. for a cool $1 million. The new watch has a four-satellite structure as […]

The Trump Administration Spotted Moving Out of White House

Donald Trump Addresses the Nation After Second Impeachment

President Trump has just days left in his presidential term and his staff is officially packing up The White House to make room for the Biden administration. In preparation for the closing days, Trump has blasted back at aids who suggest that he resign like President Nixon. In a profane-laced conversation, Trump told aids to […]

DaBaby Releases New Single “Masterpiece”

DaBaby Releases New Single "Masterpiece"

DaBaby is back, delivering a single he first teased in December, “Masterpiece.” The new release is produced by D.A. Got That Dope and brings DaBaby in the traditional style we are used to while spitting about the finer things in life. Taking a step back into his past and an oft-discussed moment in his life, […]

SOURCE SPORTS: James Harden Traded to Nets in Massive NBA Shakeup


The James Harden era of the Houston Rockets has officially come to a close. The Superstar swingman has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets, forming a new big three with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, if the latter ever returns to the team. The huge four-team deal brought in the Indiana Packers and Cleveland Cavaliers […]

Freddie Gibbs is Willing to Bury Beef with Jeezy, But Not Akademiks

Freddie Gibbs is Willing to Bury Beef with Jeezy, But Not Akademiks

At the end of 2020, the old beef between Freddie Gibbs and Jeezy sparked back up. Now in 2021, Gibbs reveals that he is down to bury the hatchet with Jeezy, not so much with DJ Akademiks, his favorite Teletubby. Gibbs spoke with Vulture and revealed the “Therapy For My Soul” diss from Jeezy’s The […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Details Decision to Ban Donald Trump

Twitter's Jack Dorsey Donated $15 Million to 15 US Mayors to Distribute to Residents

In the days following President Trump inciting an insurrection against the United States, Twitter permanently removed Trump from its app. Twitter and the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey received both praise and criticism. Following the decision, Dorsey spoke about the decision, citing the reason as the attempt to foster “a more peaceful existence on earth,” to […]

[WATCH] Donald Trump Addresses the Nation After Second Impeachment

Donald Trump Addresses the Nation After Second Impeachment

Hours after his second impeachment, Donald Trump released a new video condemning violence committed at the capitol on January 6 and any potential future acts. “I want to make it very clear: I unequivocally condemn the violence that we saw last week,” Trump said in a video. “No true supporter of mine could ever endorse […]

Slick Rick and Clarks Originals Team for Visual Project ‘Mind-Body-Sole’


Legendary Hip-Hop storyteller Slick Rick is going on a journey with Clarks Originals, which has launched with a mini-documentary that was curated and conceptualized by The Ruler himself. The mini-doc is called “Mind-Body-Sole” and focuses on Slick Rick’s long-standing relationship with the footwear brand. The visual is directed by Katherine Mateo of PURRRR and shot […]

Post Malone Giving 10,000 Pairs of His Signature Crocs to Frontline Workers

Post Malone

The team of Post Malone and Crocs are partnering with Musicians on CAll to create a 10,000 pair donation of their Duet Max Clog II collab to frontline workers at over 70 hospitals across America. Musicians on Call is a nonprofit that delivers the healing power of music to patients and caregivers at hospitals across […]

The NBA to Host Leaguewide Efforts to Honor Legacy of Dr. King

We Must Learn 2

As the nation heads into Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, the NBA has announced leaguewide efforts to honor the life and legacy of the late Civil Rights leader. Through the weekend, the league, teams, coaches, and current and former players will engage in a national dialogue on race and quality across NBA platforms. On […]

Rick Ross and Rap Snacks Announce Multi-Product Brand Partnership

Rick Ross and Rap Snacks Announce Multi-Product Brand Partnership

Rap Snacks has hit a re-up on its star power, bringing in the biggest boss Rick Ross for a new chip flavor. Ricky Rozay joins “The Official Snack of Hip Hop,” and introduces a new product, Sweet Chilli Lemon Pepper-flavored potato chips. The arrival of the snack also marks the start of a multi-product brand […]

Bruce Willis Asked to Leave LA Store for Not Wearing Mask

BruceWillisInksThree FilmDealWithMoviePassFilmStudios

Is Bruce Willis an anti-masker? The action legend was asked to leave a Rite Aid in Los Angeles on Monday after he refused to wear a mask. According to Page Six, Willis was spotted with a bandanna tied around his neck but would refuse to raise it to his face. The 65-year-old star was stated […]

Yams Day is Going Virtual and Set for Jan. 18


Yams Day is going virtual. The annual celebration of A$AP Mob co-founder, A$AP Yams, will be available for fans in a safe and responsible way as it will take place online. A$AP Rocky provided more details to this year’s celebration, citing this edition will feature the “Yammys.” The new awards will go to artists who […]

Suburban Chicago Man Charged for Making Threats Against Biden’s Inauguration


With the fall out of last week’s capitol chaos still creating ripple effects across the nation, authorities nationwide are attempting to ensure no more violent events carry out. One of those instances occurred in Suburban Chicago as a man was arrested for threatening violence against Democrats and Joe Biden at the upcoming presidential inauguration. 45-year-old […]

Snoop Dogg on Relationship with Eminem: ‘We Good’

Snoop Dogg on Feminism in Hip Hop: 'Let's Have Some Imagination'

Over the past couple weeks there has been some friction between Eminem and Snoop Dogg. It all started after The Doggfather revealed he did not hold Eminem in his personal top talents in Hip-Hop history. Eminem felt slighted and a exchange of words was had. The most recent update brings in a fan, who posts […]

Casanova to His Kids: “I Miss Y’all, See Y’all Soon”

Casanova Attorney's Present $2.5 Million Bail Package in Attempt For His Release

While a bail deal is being considered, Casanova has reached out to children while he sits behind bars. The rapper was named with 17 additional men, all alleged to be members of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation Gang. Casanova’s Twitter was active on Monday as a picture of the rapper, via screenshot, was shared on […]