Sheme Watson

Streaming Is Finally Bringing Money To The Music Industry


With nearly twenty years of sharp decline as a direct result of piracy and declining prices, the music industry has recently shown signs of recovery. Spearheading the way to profitability via streaming are Spotify and Apple Music. Visit for more information Recorded music revenue increased by 8.1 percent to $3.4 billion in the first […]

Spotify Strikes Back: Less Promotion Given To Apple Music Exclusive Artist!

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Although Spotify says it isn’t true, multiple executives states otherwise. Various major label executives has accused Spotify of sabotaging artists that have inked Apple Music exclusives. The streaming giant has flatly denied such allegations including plans to downgrade Frank Ocean’s latest blockbuster release “Blonde.” A spokesperson for Spotify was on damage control duty Friday afternoon, […]

Cash Money Has Signed With Apple Music!!

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Apple Music has been known to sign high profile artist; most notably Drake. Now Apple has signed and entire label! That’s right, Cash Money Records has inked an exclusive deal with Apple Music, according to Birdman, confirmed via his official Instagram page. Visit for more information Cash Money’s roster includes artist such as Drake, […]

Income Down At Sony Music, But Sales Are Up!!


Sony Music Entertainment received an 8.2% increase in revenue in the second quarter ending June 30th, to $1.3 Billion from $1.27 billion during this time last year. Sony’s operating income dropped from $310 million last year in Q2 from $155 million in Q2 2016. Visit for more information This increase is attributed to growth […]

The Department of Justice Pulls Plug On ASCAP & BMI’s Proposal To Alter Consent Decree


The U.S. Department Of Justice [DOJ] delivered the above expected news yesterday [Thursday, August 4] to ASCAP and BMI. The DOJ decided not accept the proposed alterations to music licensing antitrust agreements there were set in place in 1941. Visit for more information “The division’s investigation confirmed that the current system has well served […]

Pokemon Go Meets Hip Hop Via Apple Music Playlist!


Pokemon Mania has officially reached critical mass, with an average of 21 million daily users in the US and an estimated 30 million users worldwide. Visit for more information The game has decimated all previous download records, it is used more than Twitter and Facebook and has been pegged the next big trend in […]