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Beyoncé and Jay-Z Seek Marriage Counseling?

Beyonc and Jay Z announce On the Run tour

Uh-oh trouble in paradise… maybe?   This Wednesday (6/25) Beyonce & Jay Z officially began their ‘On The Run Tour’ at the Sunlife Stadium in Miami, FL. Advertisement Among other highlights one of the most interesting parts of the show was when they showed their audience footage from their 2008 wedding—which was actually the first […]

Sanaa Lathan Home Intruder Pleads Guilty To Criminal Trespassing

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Well about time   A man broke into the home of “Love & Basketball” actress Sanaa Lathan and has pleaded guilty in Los Angeles Court on Thursday June 26. Advertisement Shawn Caples, 28, broke into Lathan’s home earlier this month and was found sound asleep inside her laundry room.  Lathan yelled to the man to […]

Iggy Azalea Running Hip-Hop? T.I’s Take On It

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T.I’s speaks on Iggy’s Forbes controversy   Recently Forbes wrote an article with the headline: “Hip Hop Is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman”, which made for a lot of controversy, and later it was changed to “Hip-Hop’s Unlikely New Star: A White, Blonde, Australian Woman.” Advertisement According to MTV, the editors of the […]

Kerry Washington Is Launching A “Scandal” Clothing Line


Fashion crisis? Considered it handled!   Actress Kerry Washington and retailer The Limited are working together to release a clothing line that has been inspired by Washington’s character Olivia Pope’s wardrobe. Advertisement The new mom told Women’s Wear Daily, “People who love the look of the show can now step into this world in a […]

Chris Brown Rejects Plea Deal, Could Face More Jail Time

Jail could be on the agenda again for Chris Brown. R&B singer Chris Brown just recently rejected a plea deal on Wednesday in his Washington assault case. He is expecting to go to trial on September 8; so we are left in suspense once again. Advertisement Chris was close to copping a plea but the […]

World Cup 2014: Luis Suarez kicked out from tournament?

luis suarez

Soccer’s notorious player did it again. Luis Suarez, 27, continues to show us why he is known for his bad boy tactics on the field.  This past Tuesday, during the 2014 World Cup soccer match between Uruguay and Italy, Suarez unpleased about the action of one of his opponents, released his frustration through his front […]

The First Look At GTA V For PS4 Is Pretty Dope

What  you need to know about the new GTA V PS4 version  So what’s the difference between GTA V for PS4 versus the PS3? Well for starters, the graphics as well as the technical has improved tremendously. For instance there are now increased draw distances, better quality texture details, more traffic and a much higher […]

Starbucks Not Only Serves Coffee, But It Will Provide Free Education To Workers

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An ice caramel latte is not the only tasty treat Starbucks has to offer, it will now provide a free online college education to thousands of its workers. Starbucks will still pay for one’s education, without them remaining with the company through a deal they made with Arizona State University. The program is open to any […]

Radio Broadcaster Casey Kasem Dead At 82

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Legendary radio personality Casey Kasem passed away, early Sunday morning at 3:25 a.m., according to a Facebook post from his daughter Kerri Kasem told CNN. His death was confirmed by his agent, Don Pitts.  Kaseem was diagnosed with a Lewy body disease—the most common type of dementia and was hospitalized in Washington state for two weeks. However, the cause of […]