OpEd: Since When Are Fake Butts Inspiring?

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Media is, what I have come to realize, one of the most powerful tools on earth. Visit for more information So many people are controlled by what they see on Instagram and Twitter that women are losing their lives over trying to keep up with Kardashians; butt injections and butt lifts…boob jobs, where does […]

Her Source | Keep Your Tips Looking Right With These Nail Tips

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Ladies, getting your nails done can get very expensive. I did research to gather some tips on keeping your tips looking right from world’s most popular beauty experts. In an effort to make sure these tips are legit, I tried them at home as well, myself, and yes, they do work.  Here are a few […]

Her Source | Beach Body Ready

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Now that the weather has officially warmed up, it’s time take off the layers, and get into cute summer wear.  As women we all love a nice crop top, dresses, and shorts, so here are a few fitness tips you can try in the comfort of your own home to make sure your body is […]

Her Source | Battle of the Sexes: Men & Women in the Workplace

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For decades now, there has been a “battle of the sexes” that has existed in more ways than one. From the double standards when it comes to dating, married life, and not to mention the workplace, women have been fighting for equality. The question is, are we as women any closer to equality in 2015?