Settlement May Be the Only Way Out of a Thicket of Astroworld Litigation for Travis Scott, Live Nation, and Others


Two of the many lawsuits brought against the organizers of last year’s Astroworld music festival have settled, the first settlements from the massive thicket of litigation that has arisen as a result of the tragic events at the Houston festival. Visit for more information On November 5, 2021, a deadly crowd surge during Travis […]

Do You Have a Constitutional Right to Record and Livestream a Police Stop? A Federal Court Will Decide gif maker 2 1

A federal appeals court heard arguments last week over the issue of whether police officers have the right to prevent car passengers from livestreaming traffic stops.  Visit for more information Dijon Sharpe was in a car that was pulled over in Winterville, North Carolina in 2018.  Mr. Sharpe proceeded to film the police interaction […]

After Several Children Die, Judge Lets TikTok Let off the Hook for Strangulation Encouragement Videos

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A federal judge has dismissed a Pennsylvania mother’s lawsuit against TikTok, in which she claimed the social media giant was responsible for her daughter’s death after she attempted the so-called “Blackout Challenge.” Visit for more information The Blackout Challenge is a series of videos distributed through TikTok in which the viewers are encouraged to […]

Calls for Government Action Get Louder As Concert Tickets Keep Getting More Expensive and Harder To Buy

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A broad coalition of consumer, artist and lobbying groups have joined forces to demand that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) investigate and unwind the 2010 merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. Visit for more information Live Nation is dominant player in tour promotion and venue management, and Ticketmaster is the dominant ticketing platform.  […]

Fly the Friendly Skies? Eric Andre and Clayton English Call Out Racial Profiling at Atlanta Airport

Fly the Friendly Skies? Eric Andre and Clayton English Call Out Racial Profiling at Atlanta Airport

Comedians Eric Andre and Clayton English have filed a lawsuit claiming that the Clayton County, Atlanta police have engaged in racial profiling and coercive searches of black passengers as they are boarding flights at the Atlanta airport. Visit for more information Andre and English were each singled out by police on separate occasions when […]

Can You Copyright the “Carlton”? Court Says ‘Fortnite’ Dance Moves Not Protected by Law


A California federal court has dismissed claims by a dance choreographer that his dance moves were used by characters in the video game Fortnite without his authorization. Visit for more information Fortnite features a virtual world where players create avatars to represent themselves as they interact within the world – in particular, by battling […]

Green Light Given to Customer Lawsuit Over Peloton’s Business Practices

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A federal judge in New York has allowed a class action lawsuit to proceed against Peloton based on its allegedly deceptive business practices. Visit for more information Peloton sells high-end indoor exercise bikes and requires that all users must also purchase a monthly subscription that provides streaming live and on-demand cycling classes.   The […]

Kim Kardashian Charged With Illegally Promoting Crypto Company

Kim Kardashian

The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), a federal agency charged with regulating the financial markets, recently charged Kim Kardashian with unlawfully promoting a crypto asset called EthereumMax in June 2021.  The SEC also reported that Ms. Kardashian had agreed to settle the charges by paying a $1.26 million dollar fine, cooperating with the SEC’s ongoing […]

SOURCE SPORTS: NBA Opening Week Features Match-Ups Between MVP Candidates Luka Doncic & Devin Booker, 2022 MVP Runner-up Joel Embiid & Jayson Tatum

Joel Embiid And Luka Doncic Tim Nwachukwu GettyImages AFP

Words by Landon Buford Visit for more information We are two weeks away from the start of the NBA season. One of the marquee matchups we will see on October 19th, we will see during rivalry week, is a rematch of the 2022 Western Conference Semifinals between the Dallas Mavericks and the Phoenix Suns. […]

Five Reasons Why Hip-Hop Needs The SOURCE Awards Back

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This evening, with the airing of BET’s Hip Hop Awards, we reflect on the most legendary cultural awards show of all time in Hip Hop.  Concluding a lengthy hiatus, The SOURCE AWARDS is planning to mount a strong comeback. The last SOURCE Awards show was in 2005, unfortunately leaving a profound impact and void on the culture. Despite […]

Ed Sheeran To Stand Trial on Marvin Gaye Copyright Claim

Ed Sheeran

A federal judge in Manhattan has ruled that a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against Ed Sheeran in connection with his song “Thinking Out Loud” may proceed to a jury trial, rejecting Sheeran’s attempts to have the case dismissed. Visit for more information In 2018, Sheeran was sued by Structured Asset Sales, a company owning […]

Authors Protest Publishers’ Law Suit Against the Internet Archive Library

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A large and growing group of authors and creative professionals including Neil Gaiman, Naomi Klein, Cory Doctorow, Alyssa Milano, Lily Wachowski, and Tom Morello have signed a letter protesting the publishing industry’s lawsuit against the Internet Archive Library.  Visit for more information The Internet Archive is a digital library of internet sites and other […]

Prince’s Personal Photographer Loses Lawsuit Over Prince Photographs


A federal appeals court recently ruled that a marketer had an implied copyright license to distribute marketing materials that contained photographic images of the late recording artist Prince taken by Prince’s longtime photographer.  Visit for more information Allen Beaulieu was Prince’s photographer from 1979 to 1984.  He shot album covers and three world tours […]

Texas Court Allows Hate Speech & Abuse on Social Media Platforms

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On September 16, 2022, a federal appeals court overturned a lower court’s decision that had blocked a highly controversial Texas law prohibiting tech companies from moderating content based on viewpoint.   Visit for more information In September 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed bill HB20 into law, claiming it would stop “a dangerous movement by […]