Tasha Turner

[WATCH] Gabrielle Union Teaches Daughter Kaavia To Love Every Mole On Her Body

Gabrielle Union and Kaavia

While wearing her newly cut TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) and relaxing in the pool.  Cameras caught Gabrielle Union having a teachable mommy-daughter moment with her daughter Kaavia James (aka Shady Baby).  Giving a lesson on skin and acceptance.  Union posted to TikTok on Thursday, August 12, writing, “Teaching her to love every part of herself […]

Cardi B’s Bathroom Shelf is Overflowing With Drugstore Products

Cardi B Bathroom Selfie

The ‘Up’ rapper, posted a bathroom shelfie selfie on Twitter with the caption, “Would you shower at my place?”  Before we could get the hell yeah out, we were pleasantly surprised at the drugstore finds she clearly stocks in multiples.   Cardi, known to be a minimalist with her beauty routine, has been known to […]

HER TRENDS: Megan Thee Stallion’s Vacation Hair-Faux Locs


Having a ‘Hot Girl Summer,’ was clearly at the top of Megan’s list as she revealed her vacation hair-long faux locs with blonde Ombré ends to her 24.2 million followers last week.  While checking off the places and things on her grandmother’s list during their family vacation  with a caption that read “Checking places off […]

HER TRENDS: Lizzo and Cardi Share Beautiful Cover Art for ‘Rumors’- Let Us Show You How To Get The Look

Cardi and Lizzo

Both artists showed their collaboration for the ‘Rumors single with the fierce cover art that looked absolutely stunning.  Featuring matching gold stiletto nails Cardi in matte gold nails that complimented lizzo’s gold and crystal bedazzled acrylics. Their 90’s inspired nude lips were made up of simply lip liner and gloss.  To recreate the look, check […]

Nicki Minaj’s Latest Set-Designer Nail Bling and The Artist That Created Them

Nicki Minaj

Minaj shared a video of her latest set, revealing junk nail designs that were absolutely beautiful. Including everything from butterflies, crystals, gold leaf, and creations that took them over the top were the designer logos, Chanel, Fendi and Louis, practically all of Madison Avenue.  This was the first time Cleveland nail artist  Junkie4nailz  worked with […]

Issa Rae Gets Custom Grillz For Her Wedding Day

Issa Rae Grillz by Scotty

Issa Rae has proved time and time again that doing anything in formal tradition is just not her cup of tea. The multi-hyphenate actress, producer, and writer has managed to achieve what few mega-stars have attempted to do: keep her personal life a tightly guarded secret.  Tying the knot with long time boyfriend Louis Diame […]