Shaq Cosse

Shanti Arielle Is “Right Back” With New Single For The Summer


Attention, vulnerable music is in style right now, and Shanti Arielle throws out a great one to keep it going. “Right Back” takes us on a journey of emotions from the young singer. She speaks about the commonality of friends in a guy’s ear, promoting doubt about his girl. She stands firm in her position […]

Kristen Avian Shines On New Single, “Coolin'”


Music has been and always will be a major part of who Kristen Avian is.  Not only is she a vocalist, but she also writes, and arranges most of her own music as well. She’s taught herself to play a few different musical instruments. Kristen Avian also has her own production company under the umbrella […]

Young Lyxx & Bando Wavey – “Xanny” (Feat Teezy Baby)


Back with another smash from Bando Wavey, this time a visual for “Xanny” with Young Lyxx another rising star, and Teezy Baby who’s also on his way “outta here.” These three, all bubbling in their own way, all seemingly breaking the seal of local prestige, combine on “Xanny” to deliver a drug-induced summer anthem. The […]

Chikki Kush Drops “Eat” To Silence The Critics In Baton Rouge, LA


Young Louisiana artist Chikki Kush releases a hot new single to the streets and he has a lot on his chest. Chikki has been across the blog scene for a while releasing numerous singles, this is his first appearance on . Being stationed in Baton Rouge, Chikki Kush has been around a lot of hatred […]

$upah Drops ‘6ix21’ EP + Vibrations (Official Kilsuals)


Kilsuals , an Art and media based network where artist showcase their work within kilsuals  . Kilsuals , Jonathan Burkett and Chamar Stevenson in business was founded in 2016 . Filming and editing , capturing and editing is what we do. We make everything look better . The word Kilsuals come from the word visuals […]

Karen Civil’s 1st Annual Live Civil Basketball Camp


Karen Civil and Adidas hosted the first ever Live Civil Basketball Camp, as a part of Live Civil Day 2017 in her hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Civil and Adidas pulled out all the stops to ensure Elizabeth’s youth enjoyed the first ever community basketball tournament, hosted by Mouse Jones. Visit for more information #LiveCivilDay successfully encouraged youth to […]

On The Rise: Kapo Bravado Works To Prove That He’s Here To Stay


With the dreadlocks and deep rooted colloquialism , Downtown New Orleans raised , West coast residing Kapo Bravado comes off in appearance as your average 22 yr old New Orleanian male, but he’s an Outta Towner no matter where he is. He’s outside the New Orleans box even though he would love to be a […]

On The Rise: Quentin The 5th Floats On New 4:44 AM Track


Quickly maneuvering through a groovy track, Quentin The 5th begins to cement himself as a vibe setter, and uses his music to unlock all of the things going on in his mind. Down to the artwork, Quentin The 5th proves to be a mystery, but a mystery that he himself finds a way to uncover […]

On The Rise: We Think That It’s Time For Everyone To Look At Lolly

C gDBzXkAAoeb

Some of you may know her from Vine, some may know her as a rising Fashionista taking the internet by storm, others may know her from her travels around the world, but here at The Source, we’ve been looking at Lolly as a rising rap star. With unreleased tracks produced by Grammy Award winner, Chase […]

Artist/Fashion Designer, The Trap Designer Drops Music Video For “Feel Me”, and Shines At Joy Rich Fashion Show


By now, you’ve seen someone rocking clothing from The Trap Designer’s booming line of clothing, Twenty1Rich. Everyone from NickNackPattiWhack, to Leonard Fournette has been seen wearing the clothing, and it seems as though the young designer is only getting his product in the hands of more prominent figures. New Orleans has embraced The Trap Designer, […]

JAYARSON Is Back Again With A New Visual For “Vibin”


When we spoke to JAYARSON about his newestate video, “Vibin” he gave us a detailed look into his work schedule. Houston, to Atlanta, back to New Orleans, shooting videos, and promoting new music. There’s no secret right now that JAYARSON has dedicated 2017 to being his breakout year, and he’s taking all steps necessary to […]

Bando Wavey Aims To Heat Up The Summer With New ‘Made In NOLA’ Mixtape


If you’re looking for an artist with a 2017 industry standard sound, look no further than Bando Wavey, from New Orleans, LA. Bando Wavey stops by The Source today, to lace us with a Wavey Wednesday exclusive, his newest mixtape ‘Made In NOLA’, featuring $leazy EZ, Teezy Baby, and Young Lyxx. On this tape, you […]