The Innard Workings Of A Volvo by Nychos

Austrian artist Nychos is famous the world over for revealing the inside of things. Literally. Volvo recently showcased his work at the Volvo Art Session. Nychos incorporated his signature style by dissecting a Volvo XC90. He holds nothing back by exposing the cars heart and lungs as well as ribs and muscle tissue. The raw […]

Street Foliage, Pablo S. Herrero Style

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Pablo S. Herrero is an accomplished street artist. Even these pieces are from approximately a year ago, nonetheless, they are still amazing. Some of the pieces are collaborations with David De La Mano or E1000. So go ahead, peruse and enjoy, after all, who doesn’t like trees? Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Advertisement

A$AP Rocky Scores On “Baby Gangster”

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British director Luke Monaghan recently made a short film titled “Baby Gangster,” a portrait of a lowriding former drug lord. The former banger is Fredrick James Staves, aka Baby Gangster, original Compton Crip. The reformed OG has turned his life around and now owns and runs a car customization company. Asap Rocky assists in the […]

Hot Beats! …. No, Literally, Hot Beats

Derek Muller of the highly acclaimed video blog Veritasium recently interviewed some very interesting gentlemen in Denmark, Sweden. They built a so-called soundboard that displays the effect of sound waves traveling through a flammable gas. So, first things first, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. The first half of the video deals with what and […]

Now You See Him, Now You Don’t

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For years we’ve been teased by the visual antics of trying to find Waldo in intricate puzzle-scapes that seemingly hid him well. That very concept has been brought to life by Liu Bolin. The so-called “invisible man” recently displayed new work at Scream in London. This, being his first solo set, is called “The Heroic […]

Flossin’ B4 The 16th Century … We Got The Proof!

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What does 16th Century art and Hip-Hop have in common? Apparently a lot, according to the curative eye of Cecilia Azcarate. A “fine” job was done of displaying the similarities on her tumblr blog B4-XVI. She draws inspiration from rappers such as Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chains, and YG. Correlations are drawn on chains, […]

Nas’ Illmatic Merchandise Bundles (Autographed/Unsigned)

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Nas’ 20th Anniversary and re-release of “Illmatic” is here and in full effect. Along with your listening pleasure there will be the inclusion of a limited edition merchandise bundle. The offer is brought to you by Bravado Merchandising. There are a limited amount of autographed and unsigned lithographs. Be sure to be the first when […]

New Banksy Murals Hit The Walls

banksy 4

New art from the ever coveted Banksy has emerged (somewhere presumably in the UK) and on his website. It depicts two people engaged in a late night rendezvous with the glow of their “mobiles” lighting up their evening escapade. The other piece is of a phone booth getting the full analog espionage treatment. This was […]



We love to invent. Even more we love to reinvent. Chris Burden has reimagined what a Metropolis would look like. Is it near or far future? That’s up to you to interpret. This Metropolis, aptly named Metropolis II, is actually a kinetic sculpture with a web of 18 tracks intricately interwoven with the capability of […]

“Street Dance Project”

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If it’s one thing New Yorkers love doing from time to time it’s dancing in the streets. We love to express ourselves and dancing has allowed us to do this since the dawn of time. Nothing could be more “tribal”. We use it to express love, anger, sadness, and a myriad of other emotions; more […]

Modern Heiroglyphics

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Los Angeles based Mike Giant has achieved fame as a graffiti artist, illustrator and tattooist. Black ink is Giant’s specialty and whether his medium is concrete, paper or skin, his signature style – inspired by Mexican folk art and Japanese illustration – is unmistakable. Mike Giant has worked in media covering, graffiti, design, fine art, […]

The Finer Things In Life: O’Gara Coach, Beverly Hills

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If you’re accustomed to or want the finer things in life, especially when it comes to cars, then look no further than O’Gara Coach Company. Located in Beverly Hills, California, this world renowned high end car dealership can satisfy anyone’s automotive sweet tooth. From 2004 to 2012 founder Tom O’Gara has set unparalleled records in […]



What a lot of people may not know about graffiti is that, before a lot of those murals that go up on handball courts, sides of buildings, and used to grace every subway line in NYC, is that those very ideas are born in a “black book”. It is every graffiti writer’s blue print before […]

Murals Of Miami

miami heat mural by wallyg framed

Since the Golden Age of Graf in NYC, when full trains careened through The City as mobile murals in the moving museum of Manhattan and across the elevated tracks of The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, The City has, at turns, suppressed and sought to recapture the grit and glory of its graffiti’d past.Nowadays, graf crews […]


Juxtapoz RogerGastman00

This is the name of the latest effort by Roger Gastman for his series “The Cans IV – Krylon Edition”. Roger explains that, “I have a huge collection of spray paint and markers … they always want to ask me about my collections of cans, markers and other things and take pictures of them.” He […]

Morgan Freeman, Recreated Using Digital Finger Painting App


Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information This is definitely an example that no matter what the medium, creativity knows no bounds. Scott Greis photographed Morgan Freeman. Kyle Lambert used an iPad, an app called Procreate, and 285,000 brush strokes later he created a virtual replica of the photograph. The video below has been provided for you […]


hiphop family tree

Hip Hop Family Tree is the latest effort by Ed Piskor. The hardcover is printed through Fantagraphic Books and a weekly serial is released on boingboing.com. The Hip Hop Family Tree is a historical chronicle of Hip Hop from its beginnings in the Bronx to its present worldwide status. These stories are carefully researched and […]

What To Expect At The Deluxx Fluxx Art Exhibit

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Deluxx Fluxx is an art exhibit that will be on display from December 3 – 7. The art is a collaboration of Faile and Bast. The inspiration came from old arcade games in their 8-bit glory such as Star Wars, 720, Mickey Thompson’s Off Road, Frogger, and Zaxxon. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Patrick Miller […]

Mark Wagner – Worth Every Dollar


People have been making money collages for as long as money has been printed. It’s one thing to take a concept to the next level and it’s another to make it “one giant leap for mankind.” Mark Wagner has taken unprecedented and unparalleled steps to do just that. He currently has a mind blowing collection […]