Start Your Day with Some Kanye-Fidence

kanye fidence

It ain’t easy being Yeezy Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information No one loves Kanye more than Kanye. However, the USA Today has now made it easy for you to channel your inner Yeezus and become your own biggest fan with self-loving quotes and ideas spoken directly from the man himself throughout his lengthy career. Quotes […]

Beats by Dre Fifa World Cup Commercial

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The Game Before the Game Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information We are 48 hours away from the biggest sports event in the world. The 2014 Fifa World Cup will kick off on Thursday at 4:00pm EST with the host country Brazil playing the first match of the qualifying round against Croatia. A point system will […]

Amazing Drawing of Lebron James

lebron portrait main

More realistic than half of his flops. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information With the playoffs in high octane, artist Heather Rooney drew portraits of Miami Heat stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade using her incredible skill. After a while into this video you begin to question is this a drawing or is it a photograph. […]

Largest Vocabs in Hip-Hop


Watch the vocabulary spill Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information In the pubic eye, rappers aren’t necessarily known nor recognized for their extensive vocabularies. In fact, most people feel rappers aren’t saying much at all. New York-based designer, coder and data scientist Matt Daniels decided to shed a new light on this topic. He began by […]

Tom Hanks is Now in the Rap Game…Sorta

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Tom Hanks is at it again. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information It is about time the rap industry pays a little homage to the one and only Tom Hanks. Buckwheat Groats new video “Tom Hanks” captures Mr. Hanks in such glorious ways. You can see Tom doing a a variety of drugs, at a strip […]

Michael Jordan’s Instagram

Michael Jordan

If only this was real. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Michael Jordan is a legend. That of course goes without saying. The basketball player, baseball player, actor, and icon has accomplished so much in his career and continues to inspire and contribute not only to sports culture but also hip-hop as well. If you have […]

Mark Your Calendar: March 2014

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Better late than never. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Here are some important dates in Hip-Hop for birthdays and releases for the month of March 2014. Be sure to mark them down on your calendars so that you are current on all your favorite artists important dates. Don’t forget to wish your favorite rappers a […]

Justin Beiber’s Deposition Tape

justin bieber

Never say never Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Justin Beiber is giving Lil Wayne a run for his money. Not in the rap or dress code department but in the criminal area that is the deposition. If you remember back to September, 2012 Lil wayne had us rolling with his hilarious deposition. Well Justin Beibers […]

Ellen Breaks Record with “Best Photo Ever” at the Oscar’s


It was more than just pizza night at The Oscar’s last night. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information To state the obvious, Ellen killed it last night. She was on point in every way imaginable at The Oscar’s and even went on the achieved an incredible feat never done before. In the middle of the show […]

Misconceptions About Alcohol

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Take it to the head. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information With the weekend here we know there will be people out there (us included) who will be going out for a drink or two. When drinking it seems everyone has common and their own rules for drinking and what does what, what will cause what, […]

Action Figures in Real Life

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VSE OK doesn’t play around Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information VSE OK is an artist who is taking his fascination for action figures and his love for photography to a new level. He has created one of a kind photos of some of popular cultures most recognized action figures and put them in real life […]

Blind Card Shark Will Amaze You

DEALT Richard Turner 1 web

You do not want to bet against this man. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Considered to be the worlds greatest card cheat, Richard Turner is simply amazing. The years he has dedicated to perfecting his craft alone is impressive let alone that Richard does all of the astonishing things he does while being 100% blind. […]

Guy Throw Down 4 Chipotle Burritos in Under 3 Mins

four chipotle

Eat this! Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Meet Matt. Matt “Megatoad” Stonie is a competitive eater from San Jose, California and is the second ranked competitive eater in the world. He is not like you and I, this guy really really eats. Whether 5.25 pounds of chow mien for PandaExpress (a Chinese food chain on […]

Your Oscar Nominees: Kids Edition

kid oscars

We are less than a week away from Hollywood’s biggest night. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information With the anticipation building, the Academy Awards are sure to be as highly entertaining as it is competitive this year. Great motion pictures, actors, directors, and industry personnel all competing for the chance to be recognized for their incredible […]

Get Tongue Tied with Mac Lethal’s “Alphabet Rap”

9021 mac lethal

A bit of “Alphabet Slaughter” from Mac Lethal Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Mac Lethal’s Youtube channel is popping right now. The video below current has 1.2 million views as of right now and it keeps rising. His fast rapping skills and unique personality has made him a viral sensation while developing a solid fan […]

Which States Have The Longest (and Shortest) Sex?

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Tracking all the work we put in here in America Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information There has been a huge increase in human beings tracking their behavior. Apps like FitBit which you can use before a jog and the Sleep Cycle app to track your sleep history and patterns have all become more and more […]

Super High: Marijuana Flavored Condoms

Cannadom Cannabis Flavored Condoms

Giving the term “sexual high” a whole new meaning Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Whether you want a conversation piece, a cool way to show your pot-head boyfriend you still love him, or a superb way to win the heart of your stoner girlfriend, Cannadom allows you to accomplish it with a marijuana flavored condom. […]

Snowboarding the NYC Streets

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Who says you need slopes. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Later this week New York Cit will be experiencing 50 degree weather. May not seem like a lot but when you’ve endured the winter that fellow New Yorkers have it’s straight up Dubai weather. While most New Yorkers were doing everything they could to avoid […]

Jay Z Dressing Room Essentials

jay z world tour africa concert live

Jigga man needs his peanut butter. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information We showed you Kanye’s dressing room essentials, we showed you Beyonce’s, so it was only a matter of time before we gave you Jay’s. When it comes to luxury we all know Jay Z is no stranger to the topic or practice. The “Drunk […]

Meet Sonny, the 70 Year Old Body Builder


Motivation Monday starts in the mind. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Sonny is a 70 year old bodybuilder. That’s right, 70 years old. While plenty of time has passed in his life, Sonny feel younger than ever. Having started lifting at age 44 to deal with the hardships of a bad marriage, Sonny began becoming […]