New Video Release: “Guerillas”


Visit for more information “Member(s) of a small independent group (Relax Rekords) taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces.” “Referring to actions or activities performed in an impromptu way, often without authorization.” Advertisement Guerillas. Visuals were released a few days ago regarding the gun toting, warfare track, its original artwork being […]

New Music Release: “Vice Versa” By, Bukkweat Bill


Visit for more information By way of the once great Pastor Troy, Bukkweat Bill boldly releases a remix to one of the Pastor’s most prolific tracks in a sanctified manner. Bukk freestyles on the 2002 ATL gritty classic in a way that would make Troy a proud Pastor. Check out the down-south revival of the monumental […]

Hot N***a Remix: Bukkweat Bill


Visit for more information BUKKWEAT BILL, A.K.A. BUKK, A.K.A. WEAT, A.K.A. TOMMY PIKKLES, 1/2 part of FLORIDA BOYZ and the self-made group BUKKAKE BWOYZ, yesterday released a new freestyle remix not surprisingly explicitly entitled, “HOT NIGGA REMIX FREESTYLE.” A man of many names and aliases, but a man of one distinct God (or Satan) given talent: […]

Straight-Outta-Hell: Bukkweat Bill & J $tash

bukk cover

Visit for more information In a setting you would expect Jeffrey Dahmer to find comfort, up and coming rappers Bukkweat Bill & J $tash (Florida Boyz) release visuals for 666, a theme that has been common to their youthful endeavors, at least for Bukk that is. Bukk, esteemed for his 666Forever Floridian anthem, is known for his hellish demeanor, […]

Ibn Inglor: Chicago’s Voice of Reason


Visit for more information In an industry saturated in copycat artistry, violent artillery, nonsensical foolery and inevitable fate, Ibn Inglor births from the hub of the most esteemed violent city, and the center for this malicious hype, Chicago. Featured in Complex, releasing his debut mixtape via, unearthing a sequel to his authentic original release, amongst […]

Prejudice, the NBA, and the Messiah Steven A. Smith

  Visit for more information The malicious wildfire of controversy kick-started by the disturbing Sterling incident continues to blaze down at the trees of debate. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and popular presence on NBA happenings, was recently involved in an interview where spoke of his own prejudices. And what I and Stephen […]

Not So Holy Karon, and His City of Despair


Visit for more information Holy Karon, the unspoken, avoided king of the Baltimore underground. Perhaps avoided in discussion due to demonic prominent references in his lyricism and ego, perhaps his music video’s of climbing on gravestones like monkey bars at the playground, or perhaps, for lack of better words, his fearful methodology. Thriving in an area […]

The Future of Chicagoan Musicians – New Wave 2, Ibn Inglor


Ibn Inglor. A unique name, an even more refreshing sound. Aside from the Drill Music prevalent presence in Chicago, other developments coming from Chi-Town have been somewhat muffled behind its booming industry and always media attention topic due to its violent and deviant manner, popularized by Chief Keef and affiliates of the south side. Not awfully long ago […]

Lil Boosie Releases New Track, “Pray for Me”

boosie boo

Ever since his release from incarceration, Boosie has been back and more than ever before. With the mass media attention from his highly anticipated post-incarceration projects, Boosie Bad Azz takes the industry by the reigns and strides to a full-on gallop as he releases, “Pray For Me,” a track reminiscent of pieces found on earlier […]

Real (Mississippian) Love – Kolley


Visit for more information The Dirty South continues to make strides in proving its longevity despite absence of veteran presences that birthed the genre, Kolley being a poster-child example. Reigning from a town with a population of just over 200 citizens, Kolley has already proved that his ability will be showcased on a much larger plain then […]

Vending Machines of High Standards


Visit for more information Colorado. Named after the, “Rio Colorado,” which derives from the Hispanic term, “rusty,” or “reddish,” due to its appearance. The land of disappointing sports teams (comparatively), tree-hugging, granola-munching hipsters, purple mountain majesties and furthermore, legal purple kush. Still the development stage of the previously illegal substance, Colorado continues to make […]

Franklin Regional High School: Mass Stabbing Plagues Murrysville, PA

murry 2

Visit for more information School violence continues… Sticking to the violent trends within schooling institutions of the 21st century, Franklin Regional High School of Murrysville, Pennsylvania does not disappoint. With an approximately 25 minute drive from Pittsburgh, Murrysville was struck with devastation as an alleged 20 people were inflicted with stab wounds,varying from mere scratches […]

Master P, The Master Kid Snatcher

master p

Visit for more information “Before you jump in the game, let’s get one thing understood. If you sellin’ that ice cream, you got to make sure it’s good.” Master P, Percy Miller, the O.G. Ice Cream Man (Sorry Gucc’), the No Limit Soldier, the child abductor. Advertisement Wait. What? Sonya Miller, Master P’s prior […]

GBE Member “Blood Money” Allegedly Dead

blood money

Another one gone too soon Visit for more information Close friends and industry affiliates of GBE rapper Blood Money have reported, via Twitter, that the “Chi-raq” rapper has died. Advertisement Rip Blood Money ima miss you cuzo — FREDO SANTANA SSR (@FREDOSANTANA300) April 10, 2014 Blood Money was not yet an incredibly significant presence […]

ScribeCash: The Authoritative New Voice Hailing From California: “Never Breaking Up” Video


Coming off of an indescribable debut,with the 2013 mixtape, Insomnia, that received nothing short of critical acclaim via the  more than 100,000 downloads and a nearly 30,000 Twitter follow base, ScribeCash, female emcee released her new “Never Breaking Up” music video through BET’s fitting 106 & Park last Thursday. An impressive 18 year old presence, the video features custom plates, female envy, perhaps […]

“Cut Her Off Remix”: A Non-Discrete Promise To An Anonymous Female

k camp cut her off

Visit for more information Receiving significant attention for his Money Baby hit, with its visuals receiving over 5 million views, K Camp rebounds with a down south reunion, uniting three statute icons from arguably hip-hop’s most influential region, Rozay, the Dade County veteran, 2 Chainz, the ATL Jar-Jar Binks looking rapper who always seems to echo through […]

“Murda Beach”: A Provocative Floridian Soundtrack


Visit for more information It’s only fitting that “Beach” be incorporated into the EP’s double-taking title. Bukk, a self proclaimed satanic who sparked attention off of his 8886 debut release, a member of Relax Rekords (what-up J $tash), more than 10 time arrested convict, kick-flipping Cash Money influenced New Syrmna Beach, FL resider brings to the […]