W.W.E. Tag Team: Styles P & Jadakiss VS. Fans (Almost)


Visit for more information Deviant duo, Jadakiss & Styles P, long time affiliates and Yonkers, NY childhood friends near violently encountered fans while in London for their Trinity Tour. Too eager to get the duets John Hancock, fans crowded around the two like piranhas on a bleeding prey. The video shows Styles P revolting against the fans, […]

The Last Lyrics of a Legend, Doe B: A Posthumous Ode


Visit for more information “The Southern Biggie” was his title proclaimed by down south legend, T.I., early on in B’s career. The briefly signed Hustle Gang member and Alabama representer, B was on the road to success upon abruptly bursting into radio’s playlists with his provocative, “Let Me Find Out,” in which the remixed […]

It’s Their Party: Icona Pop Featuring Ty Dolla $ign


Visit for more information The “iconic” Swedish duo, Icona Pop, currently on tour with Miley Cyrus showcasing her Bangerz release, has collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign in a too familiar playground in which they release a track radio-friendly and one that will have a club presence undoubtedly, with an ever so typical dance vibe, remixing the […]

No Flex, Zone! They Knowwww Better! Rae Sremmurd’s Hot As Mississippi Track


Newly signed Ear Drumma Records, Rae Sremmurd has released their described banger, following in today’s hip-hop culture of prescribing and detailing requirements needed to indeed flex, i.e. gold bezel’s, “freak hoes,” lean consumption (“H20, lean, same thing”), etc. The young duo who was showcased at SXSW derives from Mississippi, although they do not fall directly […]

Bangerz Tour 2014: Miley-nificent or Cyrus-ly Disappointing? A Tour Review

miley cyrus bangerz album cover 650 430

Miley Cyrus. We’ve seen her as the precious family-fun, Hanna Montana, we’ve seen her exponentially step outside of her prior role with her infamous, “Can’t Be Tamed” statement. And now? We’ve seen her practically masterbate on stage, pretend to give an actor dressed up as the 16th president of the United States oral sex, and […]

Trap Music: The Difference Between “Real Trap Sh*t” and “EDM”

trap music real

Visit for more information Trap music. It does not belong in a modern dance club filled with dubstep tunes and strobe lights. Trap music. It does not involve Waka Flocka lyrics strung throughout a dance remix. Trap music. It is not, “EDM.” What is, “EDM”? Well, EDM is the new “craze,” if you can […]

The Story of Drake: A Hopeless Romantic or a Genius in Disguise?

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Visit for more information Drake. The 21st century disciple hailing from the north. He has become a mogul, even a symbol for emotion, via his lyrical content chalk full of commentary on topics of ex’s, feelings towards loss and the need for the lost loved one in his life. Is he merely appealing to […]

Common Speaks Not So Common Knowledge

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Visit for more information Denver, February 5th – Actor, activist, rapper, author, ex- Chicago Bulls ball-boy, and motivational speaker? Chi-town native Lonnie Lynn Jr., better known as Common visited the tri-institute campus of Metropolitan State University in Denver to give a speech of motivation, of black history month pride and even of personal accounts […]

Happy 69th Bob! 10 Hip-Hop Songs Mentioning the Reggae Legend

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Bob Marley. The man. The myth. The habitual pot smoker. It was said that Mr. Marley smoked about a pound of  the peace plant every week. But other than being high, Bob was revolutionary. Bob was a musician. Bob IS and forever will be a monumental symbol of peace and love. Poets, athletes, and rappers […]

Rappers vs. Politicians (A.K.A. Kanye vs. Politicians)

kanye west pic

Rap and politics. They go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly, like peas and carrots. Or maybe more like a plaid shirt and striped pants. The two cultures have knocked heads ever since the birth of the genre and recent news is no exception. On the 18th of January, the New Jersey Supreme […]