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California Rings in 2020 with Controversial Data Privacy Overhaul

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Consumer data has been a hot-button issue in recent years with celebrities, artists, consumer advocacy organizations, and politicians on both sides of the aisle advocating for stronger digital privacy measures. The California Consumer Privacy Act, which went into effect on January 1, 2020, has been widely lauded as the “most sweeping data privacy law in […]

Omarosa Publicly Suggests Trump is Out for Revenge


As the debate continues to surround the highly contentious impeachment hearings, former White House official Omarosa Manigault Newman is sharing her thoughts on what her former reality star-turned president boss, Donald Trump, may be thinking heading into the holiday season: revenge. Newman joined MSNBC’s Kendis Gibson in a segment yesterday in which she shared her […]

Murdered Rappers Who Died Too Soon


As the hip-hop world continues to mourn the death of Juice WRLD, his passing sheds a light not just on the drug culture’s influence within the hip-hop community, but also a larger trend of rappers dying untimely deaths- many before their 30th birthdays. If the drug culture plays a pervasive part of rap music, so […]

Rappers Who Died of Health, Accidents, or Natural Causes


There has been a great deal of news around the rappers who have met their untimely deaths due to drug use or violence. After all, such topics generally make sensationalized news stories. However, many rappers have also met tragic endings due to the types of causes that can take us all- illness, accidents, or other […]

Hip-Hop and Drugs: How Prominent Rappers Lose Their Lives For The High

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Since its inception, hip-hop music has been littered with reference to the drug culture. From Dr. Dre’s ode to marijuana on The Chronic to southern rappers introducing purple drank into the vocabulary of most Americans, drugs have always been a part of the medium. Yet while many rappers have openly stated that their reference to […]

Waka Flocka Calls Out Dutch Party Planner in Blackface


On Tuesday, Hip-Hop star Waka Flocka took to Instagram to call out Joyce De Troch, a Dutch high-end party planner who appeared to be wearing blackface in a publicly posted photo. In her original post, De Troch wrote what can be loosely translated as the following: A PROMISE IS A PROMISE #Ihonormyword #problackpete After I went […]

Jermaine Dupri to Donate Vegan Thanksgiving Meals to Those in Need

Jermaine Dupri Says 'Confessions III' Preview is NOT About Herpes Allegations

For many Hip-Hop celebrities and regular people alike, Thanksgiving is a time not just for celebration, but also for sharing one’s blessings and bounties with others. The first Thanksgiving was reportedly about how the pilgrims and Native Americans shared the fruits from their first year’s crops. This Thanksgiving season, hip-hop icon Jermaine Dupri partnered with […]

Motorola Announces plans to bring Back the Razr


Years before the iPhone dominated pop culture and revolutionized the entertainment industry, the Motorola Razr was king. Name dropped by hip-hop artists such as Snoop Dogg, E-40, Fabulous, Mario, Eve, and more in the early aughts, the Razr was the iconic phone to have. And now it’s coming back. Launched 15 years ago in 2004, […]

Kanye West Confirms Sunday Service at Joel Osteen’s Church

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As Kanye West continues to promote his newest album Jesus is King, he’s still going to church on Sunday- and this time it will be one of his biggest Sunday Services yet as he has officially announced that he has accepted prominent pastor Joel Osteen’s invitation to perform at his Lakewood megachurch in Houston on […]

Violence Erupts Surrounding Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Re-Release

Armed Group Threaten Employees in Houston Popeyes Because of Sold Out Chicken Sandwiches

As 2019 begins to draw to a close, the Popeyes Chicken sandwich continues to be the year’s most talked-about (and memed about) culinary dish. However, the hype has also led to violence throughout the country as multiple locations have seen fights (including one fatality) over the past week since the sandwich’s November debut. The chicken […]

Oklahoma Releases Hundreds of Prisoners in State’s Largest commutation


Prison reform has been a hot-button issue for many politicians as well as celebrities such as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. This week, politicians in Oklahoma made great strides in prison reform. For years, the state of Oklahoma has held the dubious honor of having the highest prisoner incarceration rate in the country. But on […]

“Free speech and paid speech are not the same thing:” Facebook Staff Demand Organization prevent false information in political ads

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The 2020 election is almost a year away, but the buzz surrounding the election is getting louder by the day. Whether it’s hip-hop artists and celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Angie Martinez, H.E.R., Fat Joe, Flipp Dinero, Becky G, CNCO, and Farruko encouraging fans to register to vote through their Rock the Vote initiative or […]

Snapchat Back Up and Working, but Issues and Questions Remain


Thousands of people woke up to an extra Monday-ish Monday when they realized that something wasn’t quite right with Snapchat. The popular social media app reportedly went down for over an hour on Monday morning at approximately 8 a.m. PST (11 a.m. EST).  At least 18,000 users throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe reported […]

Hip-Hop Stars to Host Rock The Vote Event This Month


Even though the 2020 presidential election is over a year away, hip-hop artists and other celebrities are teaming up to (quite literally) rock the vote. TIDAL recently announced the 5th annual “TIDAL X” benefit concert, TIDAL X Rock the Vote. The event will take place on Monday, October 21st at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, and will be hosted by Angie […]

God of the Bizarre: Kanye West Holds Chaotic Sunday Service in Utah over the weekend

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Each weekend in October, thousands of members of the Latter Day Saints church congregate in Salt Lake City, Utah, from around the world for what is known as The General Conference weekend. It’s typically rather boring save for the relatively tame counter-protests nearby. But this weekend, another church service took place just blocks from the […]

Enrique Iglesias Teams Up with Major Hip-Hop Artists for Greatest Hits Album

Enrique Iglesias

As National Hispanic Heritage Month enters full swing, Latino artists and celebrities are finding a variety of ways to honor and share their culture with the world. From music to food to art, this month is designed to showcase the impact of Latino influence in the United States. For pop global Latin and pop superstar […]

Facebook and Instagram Take Major Plunge into Video Content Broadcasting

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If there’s one thing that celebrities and hip-hop artists (and those who aspire to be celebrities and hip-hop artists) love, it’s social media. If there’s a close second, it’s YouTube. From Young Thug’s 12 hours long YouTube live stream, “Meet Me at the London,” to YouTube serving as the modern replacement for MTV, there’s no shortage […]

SNES Finally Comes to Nintendo Switch Online


Gamers everywhere got a special treat this week as Nintendo announced that about 20 SNES games, including some of the companies’ top classics, will be available on Nintendo Switch Online, the subscription-based online services component of Nintendo’s Switch console starting September 5. Nintendo tweeted the following on Wednesday: “Recapture the original feel of these #SNES […]

Drug Makers Experience Pressure to Pay Following Opioid Lawsuits


As the opioid problem continues to ravage the country, several major pharmaceutical companies are feeling the heat in a series of controversial lawsuits alleging that the companies had an indirect role in the thousands of opioid deaths and overdoses that have occurred throughout the United States in recent years. Earlier this week, an Oklahoma judge […]

Celebrities Fall Prey to Viral Instagram Hoax, Quickly Recant


“Deadline today!! It can be used in court cases against you.” These were the first lines of text on the blurry screenshot shared by thousands of Instagram users over the past few days- as well as major artists, celebrities, entertainers, and even politicians including Julia Roberts, Usher, Pink, Rob Lowe, Judd Apatow, Debra Messing, and […]