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Zoe has been a staff writer at The Source since January of 2017. She specializes in pop culture, music, tech, politics, women's issues, and more. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @zoeshrugged.

Celebrities Fall Prey to Viral Instagram Hoax, Quickly Recant


“Deadline today!! It can be used in court cases against you.” These were the first lines of text on the blurry screenshot shared by thousands of Instagram users over the past few days- as well as major artists, celebrities, entertainers, and even politicians including Julia Roberts, Usher, Pink, Rob Lowe, Judd Apatow, Debra Messing, and […]

Soccer, Girl Power, and Hip-Hop: An Exclusive Interview with Designer Melody Ehsani


2019 has been quite the year for women’s sports. From WNBA being added to NBA 2K20 to the USA women’s soccer championship, female athletes are making a splash- and celebrities, brands, and the general public are all taking note- as are designers. Melody Ehsani, renowned streetwear designer (who recently collaborated on projects with Megan Rapinoe, […]

Queen Latifah Set to Star as Ursula in ABC’s ‘The Little Mermaid’


So far, 2019 has been one of the hottest years on record in many parts of the world, so it’s fitting that mermaids (specifically Little Mermaid remakes) are all the rage this summer. (After all, who wouldn’t want to live under the sea right about now?) This week, ABC unveiled more info about their own […]

A Taste of Nostalgia: ‘Good Burger’ Pop Up Restaurant Opens in LA

good burger popup

As any 90’s kid will tell you, the last decade of the 20th century had some of the most iconic cultural moments in recent history. From the making of hip hop legends to the birth of the Internet, the 1990s was lit. For 90’s kids, Nickelodeon will always have a place in our collective hearts- […]

Lyft Pulls E-Bikes in Response to Reported Fire Danger


One of summer’s hottest (and most eco-friendly) trends is apparently (quite literally) too hot for city streets. Earlier this week, Lyft announced that they would be pulling their new e-bikes San Francisco streets, as well as bikes in the South Bay Area in light of two recently catching on fire- a defect that has been blamed […]

Celebs Get the “Old Age” Treatment Courtesy of FaceApp Filter


Drake once notoriously said, “If I die, I’m a legend.” But what happens when hip hop artists and other celebs don’t die and instead, just get old? That’s the question that several internet users have hoped to answer with FaceApp’s “old age” filter, a filter that adds about 60 years onto a person’s age. The staff […]

A Walk to Remember: Tech N9Ne joins Mike Posner on His Walk across America

tech nne

From afar, the man might look like Forrest Gump with his long beard and determination to walk across the United States. However, this bearded traveler is none other than Grammy-nominated hip hop artist Mike Posner and today, after walking over 1200 miles, he is somewhere in Missouri, almost to the Kansas border. And he’s not […]

The Weeknd’s ‘The Hills’ Becomes Diamond-Certified Single

the weeknd the hills

While Drake has been dominating both Canadian and American headlines in recent weeks, another Toronto-based hip-hop artist has been quietly making money moves- and they’ve paid off majorly. The Weeknd’s breakout hit, “The Hills,” was recently certified diamond by the RIAA- his first single to achieve such an honor. (And just in time for Canada Day, […]

Beats and Blueprints: Hip Hop Architecture Camp Continues to Inspire Youth


When most people think about architecture, the first image that they conjure up probably isn’t one of young, vibrant people planning out their communities while listening to hip hop music. Yet this is exactly the vibe at Hip Hop Architecture Camp, a nonprofit organization that “uses hip hop culture as a catalyst to introduce underrepresented youth […]

Famous YouTuber Etika Confirmed Dead

etika jun

Police announced that their search for a missing YouTuber, commonly known as Etika, has ended as they have officially confirmed that they have found his body in New York City’s East River. Etika, whose real name is Desmond Amofah, age 29, was a popular gamer who was widely known for playing and discussing Nintendo games on […]

Rat Falls From Ceiling Onto Woman’s Table at Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings Wants in On Sports Betting

A Houston woman visiting California got an unwelcome addition to her meal this past week when a rat fell from the ceiling onto her table as she was eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. Alisha Norman was watching the U.S. Women’s Soccer game and eating at the restaurant in Westchester, Los Angeles when she stated that she […]

Elon Musk’s Twitter Continues to Take a Turn for the Bizarre

efadf b

Since it’s inception in 2010, Twitter has been a place for celebrities, politicians, and ordinary people to share their thoughts in the form of short tweets, photos, or videos. Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, has long been one of Twitter’s most active celebrity accounts. While Musk has never been one to shy […]

Rihanna Uses Her Star Power to Bring Awareness to Sudan Crisis


While most of the western world has been focused on American politics, the NBA playoffs, and the start of summer, a major crisis has been brewing in Sudan. Yet despite the bloodshed (with death tolls reportedly in the hundreds), little attention has been given to this tragedy- until now. On Tuesday, Rihanna shared the following […]

Forever….Phat? Forever 21 On-boards the Baby Phat Brand

ccaea fef a bdc dafb baby phat shot

In 1998, Russel Simmons and his then-wife Kimora Lee Simmons decided to expand their Phat Farm brand to include a label for women, naming it Baby Phat. That was 21 years ago, so it’s fitting that 21 years later, Forever 21 is giving the brand a reboot as it dropped hints that Baby Phat will […]

Following Raptors Success, NBA Hints at Canadian Expansion

Toronto Raptors fans Air Canada Centre

Winter is here and as the Toronto Raptors continue to demonstrate their incredible skill level, the north has shown that they have what it takes to be a powerhouse basketball kingdom in their own right. For years, viewers have seen cities heavily rally around an underdog team (Cleveland, we’re looking at you), but never before […]

San Francisco Bay Area Blacklists Drake For Duration of The Finals

DrakeisSpotify'sMost StreamedArtist

In what is turning out to be one of the most exciting NBA finals in recent history, one major headliner is getting the bench- sort of.  102.9 KBLX-FM, a San Francisco Bay Area radio station, announced that they will not be playing any of Drake’s songs until further notice. The announcement came after the Toronto Raptors […]