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2 Milly Plans to Sue Fortnite for Use of Milly Rock


2 Milly seems to be pretty cool with everyone doing his viral dance, the Milly Rock, but he isn’t down with letting others profit off of his moves without his consent. Which is why he’s the latest rapper to have beef with Fortnite, which added his dance to the game. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information […]

Why “Live At The BBQ” Was One Of SXSW’s Livest Events

Music festivals and Hip Hop have always had an interesting relationship. Hip Hop only festivals such as A3C in Atlanta and the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival present a different formula, but mainstream festivals by nature typically only feature a sprinkling of rap’s finest on top of their indie rock and electronic infused schedules. Visit streaming.thesource.com […]

Fabolous Adds His Own Take On “Milly Rock” With The YoungOG Mix

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Brooklyn’s 2 Milly scored himself a bonafide hit in 2015 when his single “Milly Rock” along with the accompanying dance swept the nation. Since then, many have added a verse to the bouncy cut but today, fellow Brooklynite Fabolous adds his own take on the song. Bringing his trademark flare and penchant for crisp bars, […]