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Trump Supporter Who Punched Protester Gets Probation


The Trump supporter who elbowed an African-American man in the face at a North Carolina rally before warning, “we might have to kill him,” has made amends with the man he hit. John Franklin McGraw, 79, apologized to the protester, Rakeem Jones, in a Cumberland County courtroom Wednesday. After accepting the apology, Jones and McGraw […]

Omarosa Marigault Named Head of African-American Outreach for Trump Presidential Campaign


Omarosa Manigault, alum of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, has been named the director of African-American outreach for the presumptive GOP nominee’s campaign, she announced Monday in an interview with MSNBC. The former reality star and memorable “villain” of the franchise previously served as vice chairman for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. After her announcement, […]

Cory Booker Could Easily Be Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate


Could New Jersey Senator Cory Booker end up in the White House by the end of the year? According to a recent CNN interview, he just might. While being questioned by CNN’s Brianna Keilar on State of the Union, Booker avoided all questions having to do with the possibility of being Hillary Clinton‘s running mate. Instead, […]

New Poll: Trump Supporters Think Blacks Are Less Intelligent, More Lazy and Violent Than Whites


According to a new Quinnipiac poll released Wedmesday [June 29, 2016], Donald Trump is losing the Black vote to Hillary Clinton 91 to 1 percent. Conducted between March and June, the poll surveyed a total of 16,000 Americans, with supporters split between presumptive GOP nominee Trump, presumptive Democratic nominee Clinton, her persevering rival Bernie Sanders, along with […]

Hillary Clinton’s Historic Night: What You Need to Know

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Last night [June 7, 2016], former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laid claim to a piece of history as she won the title as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee a day after a poll indicated that she had secured the 2,383 delegates needed to be the nominee, becoming the first woman to do […]

North Korea Endorses ‘Wise’ Donald Trump


The 2016 presidential campaign keeps getting weirder by the minute. It seems Donald J. Trump is getting praise from an unusual source, with North Korea’s controlled media lending its support of the billionaire businessman. The presumptive Republican nominee has been making North Korean headlines following the release of an opinion piece dubbing him as “wise” […]

Clinton vs. Trump: Here’s What That Matchup Is Looking Like


The marquee of November’s general election is practically settled, and now a lot of our focus is shifted towards what the reality of a Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump race really means. According to CBS’ Nancy Cordes, Hillary Clinton will be taking a step back from her fellow Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, to begin making the […]

Here’s What Ted Cruz’s Withdrawal Means for The Democratic Party


Ted Cruz was losing power. With his plan towards grasping the GOP nomination quickly unraveling in recent weeks, the Texas-bred senator’s path became less and less inviting, and last night [Tuesday, May 3] he stepped down, hand-delivering the nomination to Donald Trump. Following an overwhelming defeat in Indiana’s Republican primary on Tuesday, the once confident conservative, […]

What To Look For In Today’s New York Primary


Today [Tuesday, April 19] all eyes are settled on New York as the state holds both the Democratic and Republican primaries. With a substantial amount of delegates up for grabs—291 for Democrats and 95 for Republicans—candidates will be looking to distance themselves in this race with a significant victory. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are hoping to […]

Close to One Million Latinos Expected To Vote In New York Come November

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New York will account for almost one million of the 13.1 million registered Latino voters in November’s election. The National Association of Latino Appointed and Elected Officials (NALEO) expects an increase by 14 percent since 2012 with about 955,500 Latino voters hitting the poles in 2016 in the Empire State. The real question will be […]

Bernie Sanders Keeps His Momentum Heading Into New York

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Yesterday [April 9, 2016] Bernie Sanders took home the win from Wyoming’s nominating contests, adding another victory to his continuous string of triumph as of late. Winning seven out of the last eight Democratic voting contests, Senator Sanders has steadily been hacking away at the major delegate lead that rival Hillary Clinton has held over […]

The African-American Gap Between Clinton and Sanders Is Getting Smaller


Here’s something you might be interested in. In late February, polls had Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders among African-Americans by 52 points in Wisconsin. Fast-forward a month later, and Clinton’s lead diminished to a nine-point lead, and by March 31, a new Public Policy poll had Sanders leading in African-American voters by 11 points. Advertisement […]

Rise Of The Raptivist: The Role Social Commentary Plays For Change

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In this tumultuous social climate, where topics often revolve around human rights protests, police brutality, vocal hate groups on social media and the fear of terrorism being instilled by the media, it is officially “cool” to be socially active and “woke.” The opinions of the public matter more than ever in this digital age, especially […]

Here’s What Happened on ‘Super Saturday’

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Yesterday’s [March 5, 2016] contests may not have been positioned under the microscope quite as much as past voting days, but its significance still stands. In total, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz won two caucuses each, with the real estate mogul taking Kentucky and Louisiana while the top establishment candidate took wins in Kansas and Maine, […]

Russell Simmons Endorses Hillary Clinton


Hip Hop pioneer and mogul Russell Simmons is supporting Hillary Clinton’s bid for president. The business magnate called Clinton a longtime friend and slammed her rival, Bernie Sanders, as a candidate who is insensitive to African-Americans’ hardships and is making promises he can’t possible keep. “I think that Bernie Sanders is overpromising,” Simmons said on […]

Former NFL Coach Mike Ditka: Barack Obama Was The Worst President We Ever Had


Mike Ditka gave President Barack Obama an honorary jersey back in 2011 when the 1985 Chicago Bears visited the White House and it’s evident that Ditka was really not of fan of President Obama then and he’s definitely not a fan now. The former Bears head coach slammed President Obama during a radio appearance on Thursday. “Obama is […]

David Duke Laughs At Trump’s Dodging His Disavowal


David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard now at the center of GOP controversy over his support for Donald Trump, responded to the presidential candidate’s denouncement of his backing: ““I’ll laugh it off. It’s fine.” In an interview Monday night on Fox Radio’s The Alan Colmes Show, Duke said he never officially endorsed […]