30 for 30

ESPN’s ’30 for 30: Deion’s Double Play’ to Premiere Thursday on ESPN

This coming Thursday, Deion Sanders will be featured in the latest installment of ESPN’s 30 For 30 documentary series. Entitled “Deion’s Double Play,” the doc will take an in-depth look at how the Naismith Pro Football Hall of Famer manage to have success in both the National Hall of Fame and in Major League Baseball. […]

ESPN Releases New ’30 For 30′ About James Douglas and Mike Tyson

ESPN Releases New '30 For 30' About James Douglas and Mike Tyson

During the mid-1980s into the early ’90s, Mike Tyson was regarded as an invincible prizefighter. Because of his knockout power, he was catapulted into superstardom as the self-proclaimed “Baddest Man of the planet.” But in one historic night, all of that would change. In one of the greatest upsets in sports history James “Buster” Douglas […]