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50 Cent Gives Away $30,000 Cash to Burger King Employees

50 Cent Gives Away $30,000 Cash to Burger King Employees

50 Cent and Jay Mazini visited a Burger King drive-thru in South Jamaica Queens neighborhood and surprised some employees of $30,000 in cash. 50 Cent states in the Instagram caption, “Southside we outside @jaymazini heart so good i don’t think he can lose. #STARZPLAY get the app” Mazini is known for his viral videos and […]

50 Cent and T.I. Mercilessly Troll Each Other On Social Media

50 Cent and T.I. have been going back and forth since the Tip called out 50 for a Verzuz battle. We haven’t gotten the battle yet, but if we get one we can assume there would be a lot of trolling between the two of them. Last night, 50 Cent and T.I. mercilessly bagged on […]

50 Cent on G-Unit Biopic: ‘I’d Like to Forget G-Unit’

50 on G-Unit Biopic: 'I'd Like to Forget G-Unit'

Tony Yayo was the last man standing in the beloved New York rap group, G-Unit. But it looks like 50 Cent washed his hands of the clique. The Queens native is in the process of building a TV empire, but he told DJ Whoo Kid that he’s not interested in bringing the story of his […]

50 Cent Discusses Emimen’s Random Texting Habits


50 Cent has been busy promoting the newest season of Power. After six thrilling seasons, the series has evolved with new characters but continues to give uncanny intensity. During an interview with June Archer, Fif discussed a number of topics, including texting habits of “his favorite white boy,” Eminem. In his latest recollection, he says […]

50 Cent on Cancel Culture: ‘I Don’t Believe I Can Be Canceled’

50 on G-Unit Biopic: 'I'd Like to Forget G-Unit'

Every other day a celebrity or public figure is putting their foot in their mouth, or old tweets are resurfaced, and the public calls for a “cancellation” of them. But 50 Cent thinks he’s above that. “I’m an entertainer, so to entertain is, I believe, to provoke emotion,” 50 said during Variety‘s Entertainment Marketing Summit. “…I […]

T.I. to Portray ‘Hip Hop Cop’ in 50 Cent Produced Drama Series

T.I. to Portray 'Hip Hop Cop' in 50 Cent Produced Drama Series

T.I. is set to star in a drama series about former NYPD detective, Derrick Parker, and 50 Cent is executive producing the series. The show is currently called Twenty Four Seven and is based on the book, Notorious C.O.P.: The Inside Story of the Tupac, Biggie, and Jam Master Jay Investigations from NYPD’s First ‘Hip-Hop […]

50 Cent Loses Appeal for Rick Ross’ ‘In Da Club (Remix)’

50 Cent Loses Appeal for Rick Ross' 'In Da Club (Remix)'

50 Cent filed an appeal against Rick Ross for using “In Da Club” to promote his 2015 album, Black Market. The social media post in question featured the Florida rapping promoting his eighth studio album with the 2003 hit single playing in the background. The petty king fired off a lawsuit stating that sampling his […]

50 Cent Thirsts Over Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP Vinyl Cover

50 Cent Thirsts Over Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion's WAP Vinyl Cover

50 Cent rarely holds back when it comes to speaking his mind. He recently voiced his opinion on Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” cover. Cardi B’s latest single has sent the world into a frenzy. From thirsty tweets to disapproval from politicians, “WAP” has lived rent-free on everyone’s mind since its release. The […]

50 Cent Teases Pop Smoke’s “The Woo” Video With Roddy Ricch


50 Cent continues to go all out for his late mentee, Pop Smoke. The G-Unit CEO served as the executive producer for Pop’s posthumous number one album, Shoot For the Stars, Aim For The Moon. Upon his shocking death, Fif vowed to complete the album. He fulfilled his promise and has seen its success. Last […]

50 Cent Trolls Nick Cannon After ViacomCBS Firing


50 Cent never misses an opportunity to troll his opponents and the rapper isn’t giving Nick Cannon a pass. After learning of Nick’s firing from ViacomCBS, 50 took to his favorite social media site to add his jokes. “Damn nikki what the f**k was you on that stupid ass podcast talking about? No More Wilding […]

50 Cent Seen Throwing Restaurant Furniture At Outside Establishment

50 on G-Unit Biopic: 'I'd Like to Forget G-Unit'

Who pissed 50 Cent off? The G-Unit CEO recently went out to enjoy outside dining in Edgewater, NJ with his girlfriend Cuban Link. Everything was fine until a familiar face pulled up of Fif. Whatever words were exchanged certainly triggered the Power producer to turn into Hulk mode. Shortly after, 50 was recorded throwing a […]

T.I. Says He Has a ‘Doper’ Catalog Than 50 Cent

T.I. Apologizes for Hymen Comments About Deyjah Harris

On 50 Cent’s birthday, T.I. called out the G-Unit rapper for a VERZUZ battle. T.I. feels that he would wash the rapper and is double down on that sentiment and said who he really wants to battle in an interview with AllDef. “To be honest with you man, I want Jay!” T.I. said. “Who can […]