XXXTentacion’s ‘?’ Album Returns to Billboard 200 Top 10


Despite the fact of his untimely death, XXXTentacion continues to do numbers on the Billboard charts. Recently (Oct. 7), Billboard reported that X’s certified platinum album, ?, has moved over into the Billboard 200 best 10. The LP, which sat at No. 14 a week ago, climbed four steps in the wake of moving an […]

XXXTentacion was Posthomously Awarded Best New Artist at 2018 BET Hip-Hop Awards


While XXXTentacion passed away in the Summer, it’s apparent that we’ll be talking about his brief but influential career for a while. The BET Hip-Hop Awards recognized the questionable rapper by awarding him Best New Artist. A video from inside The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater demonstrates X’s mom Cleopatra Bernard accepting the […]

XXXTentacion’s Second Posthumous Video, ‘Moonlight’ Drops

XXXTentacion's Second Posthumous Video, 'Moonlight' Drops

XXXTentacion’s posthumous career continues to roll on. The video for the song “Moonlight” was released Sunday night. In the video, we can see XXXTentacion sitting and reflecting underneath a full moon while the opening notes of the ? track play. The melody is the second-highest charting song of X’s short-lived career, having shot to No. […]

XXXTentacion’s ‘?’ Album Goes Platinum Posthumously

XXXTentacion's '?' Album Goes Platinum Posthumously

About two months after his murder, XXXTentacion’s, ? album has achieved platinum status. It was released March 16, two months after his passing, ? appeared at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart acquiring 131,000 collection equal units. The project went certified gold on June 26—eight days after X’s murder—and formally earned its platinum accreditation […]

Federal Investigators are Now Involved in Finding XXXTentacion’s Killers

Federal Investigators are Now Involved in Finding XXXTentacion's Killers

XXXTentacion’s murder case is now out the hands of Broward County Sheriff’s Dept. in Florida and has been passed on to federal investigators, as per TMZ. The tabloid reports the U.S. Marshals and Broward County Sheriff’s Department are on an intense search to find at least two other suspects who have fled since Dedrick D. Williams arrested […]

XXXTentacion’s Album, Song Sales Skyrocket Amid Fatal Shooting

XXXTentacion's Album, Song Sales Skyrocket Amid Fatal Shooting

Everyone in the Hip-Hop community is still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that XXXTentacion actually died earlier this week. Although many people never met him personally, they felt a connection with him through his music. Despite the negative controversy that was surrounding his name, he did make relatable music that many claimed […]

XXXTentacion Memorial in Los Angeles Resulted in Chaos

XXXTentacion Memorial in Los Angeles Resulted in Chaos

Hundreds of XXXTentacion fans gathered around Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles for a tribute for the late rapper. Some fans were risking their lives by jumping off of buildings into crowds of people, scaling buildings, climbing on top of vehicles, and swarming the streets and sidewalks. The crowd began forming around 8 PM, but as […]

Did XXXTentacion’s Killer Snitch on Himself?

Did XXXTentacion's Killer Snitch on Himself?

Anytime something happens, the Internet turns into crime stoppers. But they seem to have some pretty solid evidence in regards to the mysterious fatal shooting of XXXTentacion. The Source reported that he was gunned down on Monday afternoon. More details surfaced after TMZ released the audio from the 911 dispatch call. The shooters were described […]