Could Cardi B Be Playing The Lead Role For ‘The Bodyguard’ Remake?

Cardi b lead role

 Hollywood is prepping to remake the film, The Bodyguard and producers are eyeing Cardi B for the lead role.  Variety reported Wednesday that Cardi B is one of the names floating around to revive the role made famous by the late Whitney Houston.  Visit for more information Additionally, sources say Channing Tatum is being […]

Jeezy Has Been Auditioning for Movie Roles: ‘Will Smith, Watch Out!’

Jeezy Has Been Auditioning for Movie Roles: 'Will Smith, Watch Out!'

Jeezy is setting music aside for later, in light of the fact that he wants to pursue a career in acting. Visit for more information The rapper told TMZ he moved to Los Angeles particularly to break into acting. He says he’s signed with UTA, a big talent agency, and has been trying out […]

Remy Ma Lands Acting Role in USA Network’s Queen of the South


Remy Ma is adding another milestone to her resume in 2018, after landing a role in the upcoming third season of Queen of the South. Remy’s character in the show seems as if it was designed specifically for the Bronx lyricist. USA announced Remy’s new role on Wednesday. Visit for more information According to USA Network‘s […]

Nicki Minaj Reveals Acting is Her First Love


The Pinkprint artist says acting has a special place in her heart. Visit for more information On Tuesday evening, Nicki Minaj caused quite a stir on Twitter, when she posted a provocative video which showed a series of clips of the dubbed rapper-slash-singer in a bath tub, with soft music playing in the background. […]

‘Everybody Black’ : A Peek At Old Hollywood’s Treatment Towards POC


Imagine working cheek to cheek with some of H-wood’s biggest stars, being nominated and winning an academy award, and being lucky enough to be the first to do it. Visit for more information Now imagine doing your business on a toilet designated for ‘Colored’s Only’ while on set, because despite your glittering stardom, segregation […]