Adam22 Calls Interview Pop Smoke’s Alleged Killer ‘An Important Historical Record’

Adam22 Calls Interview Pop Smoke's Alleged Killer 'An Important Historical Record'

No Jumper’s host, Adam22, sparked controversy with his interview featuring Blockstar, recently released from jail for his alleged involvement in Pop Smoke’s killing. Visit for more information The episode ignited a heated debate about ethics in hip-hop media. Amid the backlash, Adam22 has finally spoken out, defending the interview’s legitimacy and the platform’s role […]

[WATCH] Van Lathan Calls Adam22 “White Devil” Over Adam’s Rooga Interview

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In one of the more recent episodes of No Jumper, Adam22 discussed his mental health during an interview with TMZ host Van Lathan, who asked the podcaster about his recent behavior. This led to an aggressive convo about Adam’s interviews and his recent sit-down with Rooga. Visit for more information Adam defended his gang-based […]

Joe Budden Slams Adam22 For Posthumous Kevin Samuels Content

Joe Budden Joins Patreon As Head of Creator Equity

Kevin Samuel’s sudden death earlier this year was met with mixed reactions as some paid their respects to the controversial influencer while others celebrated his death. On the Joe Budden Podcast, Joe, Ice, and Ish paid their respects to Samuels, who actually guest starred on the podcast early last year. Visit for more information […]

Is Nicki Minaj Expecting A Baby Girl?

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj announced her pregnancy last month via social media. The multi-platinum rapper is expecting her first bundle of joy with her husband, Kenneth Petty. While many are curious about the baby’s gender, it may have been revealed recently. Visit for more information In a highly entertaining and revealing interview with No Jumper, socialite […]

Adam 22 Says Megan Thee Stallion & Tory Lanez Fight Was Over Kylie Jenner

Megan Thee Stallion Cash

The mystery behind Megan Thee Stallion falling victim to gunshot wounds by Tory Lanez continues. The Toronto rapper was arrested earlier this month for gun possession but was after posting bail. It was later revealed that Lanez was the primary suspect in an ongoing investigation for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot. Visit […]