Kanye West Vows to no Longer Take Advice From Anyone

Kanye West Vows to no Longer Take Advice From Anyone

Who needs advice? Not Kanye West clearly, in light of the fact that Mr. West tweeted out on Thursday that is he’s finished taking it from anybody. “I’m not taking no advice for the rest of my life,” he wrote. I’m not taking no advice for the rest of my life — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) […]

Michelle Obama Gives College Advice To Sasha & Malia Obama In Seventeen Magazine

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Learning how to maneuver during your college years can be daunting. However, advice from The First Lady is sure to take the edge off. Michelle Obama discussed the importance of finding the college or university that best fits your needs. “I don’t want them to think, ‘Oh I should go to these top schools’.” Visit […]

Getting Back In The Dating Game 101

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Stop sulking and feeling bad for yourself! It’s time to kick that bad habit and get back out into the dating world. Visit for more information Your friends are constantly trying to set you up with dates and your mom won’t get out of your ear about how you should be settling down with […]

HER Source Advice of the Day!

Visit for more information Is his gene pool good enough to mix with your gene pool? Judge Lynn Toler is best known as the level-headed judge from the TV show, Divorce Court, Toler is usually seen providing counsel, words of wisdom, and trying to talk sense into the show’s outrageous couples. Here, she provides […]

HER Source | Advice

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Need answers or advice? Tweet us your questions at @HerSource Your question could appear in the next issue of The Source Magazine! Visit for more information People poke fun at me because of my size and tell me I need to lose weight. I am a size 12. It makes me ashamed to hangout […]

Her Source | A Yucky Topic, But Here Goes: How to Extract Blackheads

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Nothing’s worst than waking up with a zit the size of Mars on your face, especially on a big day! Visit for more information Surprisingly, there are ways to get rid of those blackheads and prevent blemishes instead of heading straight to the dermatologist. Besides the obvious washing and cleansing in the morning and […]

HER Source | She Knows!

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Pick up the new issue #265 of the Source Magazine and check out the advice column in our HER Source section. Need answers or advice? The HER Source staff is here to help! Visit for more information I have a friend who constantly boasts about herself. She’s always throwing things in my face and […]