[WATCH] AEW Star Chris Jericho Punches Fan Who Rushes Wrestling Ring


Chris Jericho was going about his business, enjoying live fans again and then one rushed the ring and he had to lay him out. Visit for more information During All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamatie program, Jericho was being serenaded by returning fans in Miami’s James J. Knight Center. As he entered the ring for a […]

SOURCE SPORTS: Shaq Takes On Wrestling For AEW


Shaq continues to add to his repertoire. In his latest endeavor, Diesel has decided to step into the AEW ring. O’Neal has been a fan of the sport since his childhood. On Wednesday, March 3, he gets to truly live up to his “Diesel” nickname. He doesn’t plan on leaving without a victory. Visit […]

SOURCE SPORTS: Paul Wight aka The Big Show Has Joined AEW


The Big Show has left WWE, joining their biggest competition in AEW. The Tony Kahn-led promotion revealed Show, legally known as Paul Wight, announced the signing for both wrestling and commentary today. Visit for more information Wight will now serve as the commentator of AEW’s newest show AEW Dark: Elevation, while also eldning his […]

[WATCH] Snoop Dogg Dives From Top Rope in AEW Match

Snoop Dogg Dives From Top Rope in AEW Match

Snoop Dogg can legit do anything. The Doggfather made his All Elite Wrestling debut and landed a frog splash on his way to his first professional wrestling win. Yes, you read that right. Visit for more information So, first, the movie dubbed the Snoop Splash. Second, shout out to Uncle Snoop for keeping it […]

SOURCE SPORTS: All Elite Wrestling Announces Television Debut


Members of the Internet Wrestling Community have been keeping their eyes on the WWE product as All Elite Wrestling is set to hit TV this fall. The new wrestling brand has officially announced the date and time they will debut. Visit for more information Variety details the announcement of AEW on TNT beginning on […]