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R. Kelly’s Former Backup Singer Claims She Caught Him Having Sex With Aaliyah


Another preview of the Surviving R. Kelly Lifetime docuseries premiered on People Magazine and someone close to the singer confirmed what the public already assumed. One of the Pied Piper’s former background singers claims she saw the then 27-year-old R. Kelly having sex with a then- 15-year-old Aaliyah when they were out on the road. […]

R. Kelly Reportedly Denies Sleeping With Aaliyah’s Mother

R. Kelly is currently facing 10 counts of sexual abuse and the allegations continue to mount even outside of the courtroom. Lisa Van Allen, who was allegedly one of the singer’s ex-girlfriends and spoke out on the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, says he confided in her and revealed that he had a sexual relationship with […]

Another R. Kelly Sex Tape Has Been Unearthed

Another R. Kelly Sex Tape has Been Unearthed

The mountain of evidence against R. Kelly in his sexual misconduct case only continues to grow. TMZ reports that another sex tape was discovered and handed over to New York City authorities. The attorney representing a number of the Pied Piper’s alleged victims, Gloria Allred, held a press conference to explain how her new client, […]