Meek Mill’s Attorney’s File New Superior Court Bail Motion

Meek Mill's Attorney's File New Superior Court Bail Motion

Meek Mill’s attorney’s are doing everything in their legal power to free him. Visit for more information Judge Genece Brinkley denied his emergency petition to be granted bail saying the Philly emcee is a “flight risk” and a “danger to the community”, and his lawyers filed a new superior bail motion the next day. Meek […]

[Breaking News] Gunman Opens Fire At Fort Lauderdale Airport

This afternoon [Jan.6] a shooter opened fire at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida shooting at least nine individuals according to the Broward County sheriff. Visit for more information The incident occurred at a baggage claim inside Terminal 2. After the chaos various firefighters and other emergency personnel arrived for emergency assistance among the […]

False Alarm at Atlanta Airport Causes Panic

Atlanta Airport Scare

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport experienced some chaos on Wednesday after a suspicious package was brought in. According to USA Today, travelers had raced for the exits when the authorities called for an evacuation of a domestic terminal. Visit for more information A trained dog was brought in to detect any explosives and was drawn […]

Have Gun, Will Travel: TSA Reports Record Number Of Firearms In Carry-Ons

Firearms in Airports

While gun control laws are still controversial topics throughout the United States, airport security screeners found a record high number of firearms in carry-on bags in 2015—with most of them were loaded, according to the Los Angeles Times. Visit for more information The Transportation Security Administration said they found 2,653 firearms and 83 percent […]

Wiz Khalifa Was Ambushed By Multiple Police Officers

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Wiz Khalifa was caught on camera getting arrested by at least 6 airport officers because they told him to get off his Smart Balance Wheel and he refused. Visit for more information If you follow the “See You Again” rapper on social media you would know that he doesn’t walk anywhere anymore, his smart […]