Three Wishes: Behind the Scenes of Steph Curry’s ‘Aladdin’ Spots


Steph Curry, one of the league’s best players, has shown us this season that he is magic on the court, putting up record-breaking numbers and leading the Golden State Warriors to the NBA playoffs. It should come as no surprise then, that when Disney and ESPN were teaming up for their Aladdin-themed NBA crossover promotions, […]

Will Smith Teams Up With DJ Khaled on ‘Aladdin’ Soundtrack

Will Smith Teams Up With DJ Khaled on 'Aladdin' Soundtrack

Will Smith and DJ Khaled collaborated on a Hip Hop record for the live-action Aladdin soundtrack. Visit for more information Smith put his own jiggy twist to the film’s song, “Friend Like Me” with Khaled’s signature ad-libs in the background. “Just a lamp and a rub away from whatever you want/Habibi let me show […]

[WATCH] Aladdin’s Grammy Trailer Unveils Blue Will Smith

[WATCH] Aladdin's Grammy Trailer Unveils Blue Will Smith

The new Aladdin trailer that premiered during the Grammys took us to a whole new world. The live-action remake of the 1992 Disney film stars Mena Massoud (Jack Ryan) as Aladdin, Naomi Scott (Power Rangers) as Jasmine and Will Smith (Men in Black) as the one and only Genie. Opposite the three leads is Marwan […]

Will Smith Details His Approach to Be the Genie in ‘Aladdin’

Will Smith Details His Approach to Being the Genie in 'Aladdin'

2019 is shaping up to be a historic year for Disney. Fans are clamoring for the latest installment in the epic Avengers series and the live action Lion King starring Childish Gambino and Beyonce, but don’t overlook Aladdin, which will bring Will Smith in as the Genie. Visit for more information Entertainment Weekly gave […]

Take a Look at the First Live-Action Teaser Trailer for ‘Aladdin’

TakeaLookat'Aladdin'sFirstLive ActionTeaserTrailer

Walt Disney Pictures just released the teaser trailer for Guy Ritchie’s live-action adaptation of Aladdin, in view of the Arab-style folktale—and, obviously, the animated film of a similar name. Visit for more information Will Smith was the first actor to join the cast, marking on to voice Genie in July 2017. He shared the […]

Disney admits to darkening white actors’ skin to “blend” in Aladdin scenes


Last time we heard anything from Guy Ritchie’s live-action version of Aladdin (which includes Will Smith in the Cast) was when Disney announced that it had created a totally new role for the caucasian Billy Magnussen, and the latest update doesn’t make Disney look any better. According to reports, there has been a process where they […]

Will Smith Introduced the ‘Aladdin’ Remake Cast on Social Media

will smith movie stardom bright

After Will Smith spent his summer touring Europe with DJ Jazzy Jeff, he is now back in the world of film. Visit for more information On Wednesday (September 6), he teased fans on Facebook with a fresh look at the cast for the Aladdin remake. “We just started shooting Aladdin and I wanted to intro you guys to our […]