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New Prison Photo of Alpo Martinez Associate Wayne “Silk” Perry Surfaces

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A prison photo of reputed killer Wayne “Silk” Perry has made its way to the internet. Visit for more information Perry’s son Rockstar Major took to Instagram to post a new photo yesterday, giving his pops a shout-out for his birthday.  Drug war associate of the late, legendary Harlem hustler Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, Perry […]

Alpo’s Murder In Harlem Leaves Son Fearing For His Safety

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The violent Halloween murder of Harlem street legend turned informant Alberto “Alpo” Martinez continues to be the whisper of the streets, however, his son is looking for answers and fears for his own safety as no arrests have been made in relation to his father’s murder. Visit for more information The 55-year-old former kingpin […]

Troy Ave Weighs in On Alpo’s Murder: “They gon be real opinionated on Alpo now that he dead”


Over the weekend, notorious former drug dealer 55-year-old Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez was shot and killed in Harlem. The police state the shooting took place early Sunday morning via drive by and Alpo was hit multiple times in the chest. Visit for more information Reactions to Alpo’s death began to pour in across Hip-Hop, the latest is […]

Alpo’s Last Images Allegedly Show Him Wearing Mask At Halloween Party

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Pictures posted by rapper Popperazzi Po, who is believed to be the son of former drug kingpin Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, shows who is believed to be the 80s street legend wearing a hockey mask similar to the fictional character Jason Vorhees at a Halloween party shortly before his death. Visit for more information Po […]

Maino Posts Pic Of Demencio Benson Following Alpo’s Murder

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The news of Harlem street legend Alberto “Alpo” Martinez being shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in Harlem sent shock waves through the streets, however, some people who were close to Alpo’s victims had something to celebrate when they received the news of Alpo’s murder. Visit for more information Brooklyn mainstay Maino posted […]

Notorious Drug Dealer Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez Murdered in Harlem


The notorious former drug dealer 55-year-old  Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez was shot and killed in Harlem. The shooting took place early Sunday morning, in a drive-by fashion. Police noted that Alpo was hit multiple times in the chest, with shots coming from the vehicle passing by on West 147th Street near Frederick Douglass Blvd, around 3:20 am. Visit […]

[WATCH] Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez Seen Getting Love In Harlem


Ever since the story of legendary Harlem hustler Alberto “Alpo” Martinez was reenacted in the cult classic flick Paid In Full, those who were previously unfamiliar with this street legend developed a “love to hate” relationship with ‘Rico”, the character played by Cam’ron which represented Alpo. Visit for more information At the end of […]

‘Paid In Full’ Drug Kingpin And Informant Alberto “Alpo” Martinez Returns To The Streets


One of the main characters from the hood classic ‘Paid In Full’ has been released from federal custody Visit for more information According to the website of the street wise publication Don Diva Magazine, 49 year old Alberto “Alpo” Martinez has been released from ADX Florence federal prison. According to the website, Martinez is […]