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Kanye West Says He Likes Hitler During a Visit to Alex Jones ‘InfoWars’ Podcast


Kanye West went on the Alex Jones podcast and may have made his most harmful comments. During a conversation where YE spoke on Nazis and more, he declared his affection for Adolf Hitler. Visit for more information “There are Jewish people basically hiding me under their floorboards right now,” said the rapper. “It’s like […]

ABOUT TIME!!! FCC Boots Wack Hatemonger Alex Jones from Airwaves

FCC Boots Alex Jones from Airwaves

As summer begins to wind down, the controversy surrounding Alex Jones continues to simmer as social media and internet outlets ban the outspoken and outlandish host from their platforms. Now he’s getting kicked off not just digital media, but analog as well as the FCC announced that they are giving his Texas FM radio station, […]