Alex Wiley

Listen Now: Alex Wiley, “Japanese”


Alex Wiley drops a new track dubbed “Japanese” that’s def gonna get you kicking around ideas about the exploitation of the culture. There’s no doubt Alex can find the beat on this spaced out track with his quick flow and overdubs timed perfectly. At the end of the day, this young Chicago rapper’s take on life is […]

Listen To Alex Wiley’s *one singular flame emoji ep*


When you get in a funk at work, what do you do? If you’re to follow in the footsteps of Squadliness apostle, Alex Wiley, you should remind yourself of why you do what you do to begin with. If you can’t answer that question, you might want to have another conversation with yourself that goes […]

Listen To Alex Wiley’s “Booty Club (Goin Dumb Again)”


The last time I posted an Alex Wiley joint, I outright called him a rock star. This latest track further confirms that fact. Not only can he ride out the highs behind closed doors but he can also delve deep into the pits and show a darker side. But in the end, it’s all in […]

Listen To Alex Wiley’s “Lil Stoner Boi”


Alex Wiley is a rock star, whether you admit it or not. He creates music that he enjoys, connects with his huge fan base, and generally doesn’t care for what is accepted as the norm for artists of his kind. For example, he had fans comment on his social media accounts with their email addresses […]

Watch Alex Wiley’s “Takeoff” Ft. Kembe X


Alex Wiley is known to create reality altering music videos. Can you really help it when you work on tracks like “Takeoff” with Kembe X and The Hippie Sabotage? For the latest video off of his Village Party project, Wiley explains why he’s so different from every other artist and is bound to takeoff to […]

Listen To Alex Wiley’s “Sexual Dolphin”


When I first saw Alex Wiley tweeting about a new song that he just recorded and how it was called “Sexual Dolphin,” my thoughts were as follows: “This will never get released and he’s teasing his fans.” “Is that a sex position?” “What the hell is a sexual dolphin?” We now have the answer to […]

Watch Alex Wiley’s “Splash Game (Self Doubt)” Video


Gotta respect artists like Alex Wiley for genuinely having fun with his music videos. For his latest one, the Closed Sessions artist heads to the go-kart tracks in Canada with his crew, real and animated, to stunt on the haters. The Blev production that brings me back to the original Kirby’s Dream Land for GameBoy […]

Watch Alex Wiley’s “Ideas (Adderall)” Video


If you ever thought you had ADD or its crazy cousin ADHD, at least you probably didn’t see the world like the new visual from Alex Wiley. The Visual Mecca directed video takes the idea of seeing the world with rose colored lenses and coats it with a few layers of acid. But don’t worry, […]

Be Sure To RSVP To Alex Wiley’s Village Party

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House parties will forever be relevant and cool. They start in high school with your first beer, first drunk hook up, and maybe even the first encounter with some other substances. Then college steps everything up a few levels with strangers that become best friends or worst enemies in one night. After college, house parties […]

It’s “Ova” For Most Of You, According To Alex Wiley


UPDATE: And just like that Alex liberates the L.A. based and Visual Mecca directed visuals for “Ova.” It’s definitely over for that piece of bread at the end of the video. Look out for Village Party sooner than later. Advertisement It doesn’t take much time for Chicago’s Alex Wiley to get to his point. He’ll […]

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time: Week of 5/2/14


I’m sure that all of you are tired of hearing Donald Sterling’s name and all of the finger pointing in social media. So I’ll give that a break this week and instead address a pressing issue: the quality of music you submit to blogs. All too often, I see artists send their music and receive […]

See If Your “Vibration” Meshes With Alex Wiley


UPDATE: The people demanded more Wiley and the people won! Closed Sessions uploaded an extended version of “Vibration” onto Spotify (it’s also on the US New Releases playlist) that includes a new, energetic verse. He sounds like he has some grievances to air on Club Wiley. We’ll have to wait and see.     Original […]

Learn How To Be Your “Own Man” With Alex Wiley & Mick Jenkins

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Head full of mischief/car full of b*tches… With a tribal beat from the depths of the Earth’s core, courtesy of Odd Couple, Alex Wiley and Mick Jenkins give their thoughts on decisions they’ve made since entering the Rap game. No girl or industry person is going to stop the Chicago artists from pursuing their dreams […]

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time: Week of 2/7/14


Architect your nightmares like Freddy… The Winter Olympics kicked off last night with the opening ceremonies taking place tonight. Meanwhile, the disgraceful, walking spectacle that is George Zimmerman continues to make headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Well, let’s turn our attention to something else this weekend-fresh music. You know the drill: Sound off […]

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time: Week of 1/17/14


Travel the world like a Globetrotter Shout out to all the artists who continue to make dope music without a deal. And if you have a deal that’s not major, shout out to you as well. Basically, shout out to anyone continuing to stay true to their craft and making dope music that knows no […]

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time: Week of 1/10/14


“Your next girl is my ex girl… Your favorite part of the week to find some new music is here. Our collection today is a big larger than usual, but hey, we can’t help it if the talent is out there. Sound off on our Twitter (@TheSource). If you can do better yourself, submit a […]

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time: Week of 11/15/13


No squares in my circle! We’ve all been caught up in the monumental anniversaries, birthdays, and lives remembered as of late in Hip-Hop. But now that it’s Friday and the weekend has officially started…on the other side of the world, at least, it’s time to start fresh. Pay your dues to the greats and let’s […]

Support Your Local Rapper: Week of 6/17/13


I think I can feel my feet again after trudging through the mire that was Governors Ball last weekend. And to make up for the absence of SYLR last Monday, this week’s selections are extra promising in talent. Some of these artists are well known in their own right and it’s no diss to their […]