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Allen Iverson Clears Up Rumors and More on ‘CBS This Morning’

Iverson didn’t blow through that $200 million like everyone says he did Tomorrow, Showtime will air the highly-anticipated Iverson documentary, which will tell not just the tale of Allen Iverson, the legendary basketball player with the tats, cornrows and iconic press conference rants, but the man who was nearly jailed for 15 years before he […]

The Reebok Question “OG Red Toe” Make A Return

  After originally being released in 1996, the Reebok Question is set to retro once again. These sneakers are known as Allen Iverson’s first signature kicks as well as the kicks he crossed Michael Jordan in. The Reebok Question will return in their OG “Red Toe” colorway and as of now there has been no […]

Watch the Trailer to the ‘Iverson’ Documentary, Airing May 16

In the middle of the NBA playoffs, a reminder of a hardwood legend If you were to ask 5 people their opinion on Allen Iverson, one of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen, you may get 5 different answers. However, none of them will be able to accurately dispute his contribution to the […]

Larry Brown: “I Hate What’s Going On In Philly”

No tank zone. No tank zone… They know better. Yesterday was the start of what looks to be another great NBA season. However, for Hall of Fame coach, Larry Brown, Philadelphia’s not looking as Sunny as it did during his era — the era of Allen Iverson and company. To those unaware, Larry Brown is […]

Lebron Does Allen Iverson ‘Practice’ Imitation During Media Presser

Prior to the Miami Heat’s practice on Saturday, Lebron James met with the media to answer questions.  Of course everyone was curious about how his leg was feeling and how he was responding to the criticism. I guess the presser was going on a bit too long because Dwyane Wade entered and jokingly asked “You ready […]

13 Years Ago Today, Allen Iverson Stepped Over Tyronn Lue

“GOT IT AGAIN! HE’S WAY TOO GOOD!” 13 years ago, Allen Iverson was the baddest player in the NBA. Of course, in this instance, by bad, we mean good. Hall Of Fame good, actually, but bad as in badass. He single-handedly made David Stern change the NBA’s dress code, he turned then head coach Larry […]

Watch The Trailer For The ‘IVERSON’ Documentary

Practice? IVERSON, the new documentary that will chronicle the life and times of one of the NBA’s most talented and controversial players of all time, Allen Iverson, will be debuting this Sunday at the Tribeca Film Festival, and you can now watch the official trailer for the flick. Iverson’s general disregard for being politically correct […]

Trailer For “Iverson” Documentary Is Released, Set To Debut At Tribeca Film Festival

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Allen Iverson is getting the big screen treatment as his life will be documented in an upcoming film detailing the NBA All-Star’s pre and post career legacies. Told through his own words, Iverson will debut April 27 at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, but according to AI’s Twitter, they’re actually looking for an even larger venue to showcase the premiere. 24,368 […]

Sneaker Alert: Reebok Classic “Banner Question”

Reebok Classic congratulates Allen Iverson on a memorable career that has earned him respect and recognition among the greats.  Allen Iverson’s legacy will now live on high above the court where he first made his NBA debut in 1996 wearing the iconic Question Mid.      In honor of Allen Iverson’s jersey retirement, Reebok Classic […]

Peep The Reebok Classic “Ghost of Christmas” Pack

Reebok gives Retro Basketball fans the best present of all with its highly anticipated “Ghost of Christmas” pack. Three of Reebok Classic’s most legendary silhouettes – the Question Mid, Shaq Attaq and Kamikaze II Mid – receive bold color treatments inspired by the famous Holiday tale… Question Mid “Ghost of Christmas Future” — Perhaps the […]

Reebok Basketball Releases 2 Brand New Colorways Of The Q96 Sneaker

Paying tribute to Allen Iverson’ signature, ankle-breaking crossovers, Reebok Basketball introduces two new colorways of the Q96 – the “Crossing Guard” and “Crossover”. Basketball fans and sneakerheads alike have been anxiously awaiting the release of the “Crossing Guard” and “Crossover” colorways after spotting Gerald Green and Jason Terry wearing them on court this season. One […]